Twisted Love
92 A New Day 7
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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92 A New Day 7

turning his back towards her, he continued weakly "i shouldn't have done that. i made use of your weakness last night....."

"i'm... sorry."

"i don't know if you could ever forgive me."

"i'm sorry"

while continuously apologizing, vincent had created a safe distance between them. he knew, sofia was still not very comfortable with direct physical contact just yet. he needed to get her used to it slowly. as they say 'slow and steady wins the race'. there is no need for rush, she had already become his in body. now all he needed to do was make her his in mind and soul.

their one-sided conversation had come to an end as soon as vincent had stopped talking. he knew it was time for sofia to get ready for breakfast or else, johnathan would be back and then sofia would get even more confused. and that is something vincent did not want to happen.

glancing at sofia for a moment, vincent moved his head to the side. he looked occupied by his thoughts, as if he was contemplating a very serious problem.

the sudden change in vincent's demeanor had gotten sofia worried.

"is everything ok? you look worried."

sure she had no right to meddle in his business, but not asking about it would also be rude. since he had thought about it in their current situation, it must have been a very serious issue.

reaching out towards him, sofia lightly touched his arm over his shirt while asking "are you ok?"

as if getting shocked awake by her touch, vincent took a step back and away from her. sofia had not seen it coming. one minute he wanted her and the next, stepping away from her touch. she had a nagging feeling in her gut. why was she like this.

one minute she wanted him away from herself and when he did what she wanted; she was feeling sad. why was she so hormonal right now?

the duration of this moment was short, but for sofia it had felt like an eternity.

"i think you should go get changed for breakfast." turning his face away, vincent continued "johnathan should be waiting for us."

listening to his advice, sofia slowly began walking towards the door. but a few steps in, she lost her balance again. this time she learned what being weightless actually felt like.

the moment was nothing short of the first drop experienced while riding a rollercoaster. how your whole life is stick in your throat. that jittery feeling in sofia's stomach was no different. she wanted to scream out of fear at the initial moment, but the minute she saw his serious face right next to hers, sofia could not look away.

he looked as if he was completing a national level mission where people's lives were at stake. it was a mesmerizing view.

unknowingly, sofia could not look away. as if looking away would lead to her missing out on life. the longer she watched, the faster her heart beat became and the jitters in her stomach became prominent, these two feelings went hand in hand.

before sofia actually fell down, vincent had already carried her in his arms. saving her once again.

she was in a princess hold, with their face's inches away. one could actually see the irony in this situation. sofia was beginning carried in a princess hold by the 'king' himself.


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