Twisted Love
93 A New Day 8
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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93 A New Day 8

Vincent slowly carried a dazed Sofia out of the room in his arms. Gradually making his way to her room. Opening the door, he softly placed her down on her bed.

His fingers lightly tracing her body as they made their way away from her. Her warmth still lingering in his hold. He was almost adamant on letting go. But even with all the lingering touches, he had let go of her before he was not able to stop himself. It was really hard letting go after such a long wait. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Completing his task, he quickly made his way back to the room door and away from the temptations. Stopping at the doorway, "I'll send someone to help you change." he added before leaving the room completely.

Now Sofia was left all alone in her room with only her thoughts as company.

A minute after Vincent had left, a knock sounded on the door and a young pretty maid wearing a classic black and white professional outfit entered her room.

The moment both her feet were inside, she performed a perfect 90° degree bow before addressing Sofia. "Master sent me to help get Madame ready for breakfast."

Before Sofia could tell her that she could manage, the maid was standing in front of her. Reaching out for support, the maid spoke "I will get your clothes ready, till then you can freshen up."

With a helping hand from the maid, Sofia was in the shower and the person in question had already started making her way out if the washroom and towards the closet area.

The process of taking a shower was a new sensation for the newly turned woman. She didn't know how but even while showing Sofia still had a weird sense of fullness in her private area. This was a feeling that on top of the pain from losing her virginity had her worried.

'Is this normal?'

Before she could dwell further in her thoughts, a knock sounded on the door followed by a young voice calling out, "Your outfit is ready Madame."

The process of getting her hair dried and getting changed was almost a complete blur. Sofia's body was in a state of relaxation after her first nightly affair followed by the warm shower which had loosened up all the tightened muscles.

As she had finished getting ready, Sofia was finally at a point where she was aware of her surroundings completely. And also ready for breakfast.

She was wearing a halter neck navy blue maxi dress with baby pink and purple flowers creating a beautiful contrast. It was the perfect dress for summer and it made Sofia, who was wearing it, look like a well bread woman. Someone who could be seen together with the always well dressed Vincent King.

She did not know it yet, but Sofia's wardrobe was slowly but surely changing. Sure she still had her youthful clothing, jeans and casual wear, but the majority of it was becoming a mixture of sexy yet still classy. The perfect match for someone of Vincent's status.


The dinning room was abuzz. Workers moving from one end to the other, carrying food and drinks into the room and neatly placing them on the dinning table, ready for consumption.

There sat a young boy, excitement clear on his face, watching the entrance, clearly waiting for someone.

As a shadow drew closer to the entrance, Johnathan could be seen straightening up in his seat. His eyes sparkling in happiness. His instincts telling him to jump.


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