The Binary World
86 The Christmas Ball Part-1
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The Binary World
Author :SagelyDaoist
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86 The Christmas Ball Part-1

Nathan checked himself in front of the mirror as he made final checks for his tuxedo as his mother Aubriella knocked on the door to his room, a faint 'Come in' was heard as she entered and gasped at what she saw.

Nathan looked back towards his mother who had her hand over her mouth as shocked look on her face but before he could speak he was engulfed in a hug by his mother who was gushing over him.

Nathan blushed in embarrassment as he spoke try to escape from his mother's hug, "Mom please"

Aubriella spoke with a teasing smile on her face, "Awww, is my precious baby embarrassed, you look so handsome today."

Nathan blushed at the compliment as he spoke, "You look beautiful as well mom."

Aubriella beamed at that to her only the opinion of her family mattered and since her beloved son gave the verdict she felt as if she had won the title of Miss Universe already.

"Well if you two are ready it is time we went downstairs the guests have started to arrive.", the duo turned to look at the speaker and were greeted by the sight of Tristan leaning on the door looking smiling at them.

As the small family of three made their way down the ball room of the manor, Nathan spotted various familiar faces whom he had known personally and many whom he had yet to meet but had seen their pictures along with his parents, this Christmas ball was a bit special as they had finally decided to introduce Nathan formally, people had been aware of his relation with his parents since his graduation when he finally molted from a humble student of middle class family into scion of Henderson family, and today they would formally appear together in a party like a family.

"Ah Tristan you have really out did yourself and from now on will young Nathan finally appear in front of the world."

Tristan shook the hand of the speaker who was a silver haired person as he spoke with a smile, "Of course I believe it is time for him to learn more about family business."

The person in question nodded with understanding as they got engrossed with talks of business, while Nathan had to put up a smile on his face as he was approached by various people mostly female trying to get to know him better.

Nikola took pity on Nathan as she approached him, making her way through the crowd before she caught hold of his hand as she spoke with an apologetic look on her face, "Excuse me but I need to borrow my cousin for a minute."

Nathan gave an apologetic smile of his own as he quickly left with Nikola, one of the guest was getting too close trying to invade his personal space, as Nathan was a bit out of ear shot of the previous group he let out a deep breath as he spoke, "Thank you Nikola I would have suffocated there, did those women simply swam in a tub full of toxic waste. Ugh"

Nikola raised her eyebrow as she spoke with a sly smile."Really I thought you were enjoying their company."

Nathan almost visibly gagged at that as he spoke, "What blasphemous things are you spouting that old hag invading my personal space, how old is she? I bet she is older than my grandmother's grandmother even with all the paints and what not she could not hide her real age, not to mention she was the obnoxious of the bunch."

Nikola giggled at that as she spoke, "That is sure, but at the same time I might have saved her life, aunty was about to murder her if I had not intervened."

Nathan shagged a little as he spoke, "I hate this thing, I also have a head, two hands and legs I am not any different than any other person."

Nikola gave him a sad smile as she spoke, "Dear cousin you may not be any different in basic physical sense but you are different in the sense your family is filthy rich as well as a political powerhouse, as such you are a Golden Egg for them, it was for the same reason uncle and aunty hid you so much from the eyes of the vulture but alas those happy days are over."

Before Nathan could speak an obnoxious voice came to his ears, "My my so some finally dared to step out and he was so brazen about it."

Nathan growled as he turned towards the speaker as he spoke with a smile on his face, "Merry Christmas Milliana, how have you been?"

Milliana tilted her head as she spoke, "Well I am fine Nathan, it was big of a surprise that your family finally decided instead of a small get together between close friends to suddenly have such a lavish ball. Well I guess someone had gotten over their Agoraphobia."

Nathan gave him a small smile as he spoke, "Really that is news to me after all I never knew you had been studying Human Psychology."

Milliana tilted her head as she spoke, "Whether I study Psychology or not is not important but I heard you had break up well more like someone dumped you because she thought you penniless, please seriously have some class I never knew you were so desperate."

Nathan raised his brow as he shrugged as he spoke, "Well last I checked who I get involved with is my headache not yours, so why? Why are you having such a headache?"

Milliana snorted at that as she spoke, "We are the elite humans of this world living in the land where the rest of the world can only live in their dreams, we are above others as such your poor choice demeans us elites making us all look bad next time think about twice before you want to do something.", with her piece said she left with her chin high up in the air.

Nikola elbowed Nathan as she whispered to him, "I think we should contact the asylum and inform them about the whereabouts of their patient."

Nathan cracked a grin as he spoke, "So true but unfortunately there is no asylum in this planet that could cater to Miss-I-am-holier-than-thou."

Nikola snorted at that as they made their way to their gaming group as Nathan gritted them with a smile, "Hello ladies how are you all this fine evening."

The girls even Retsuko gave him a small smile at Nathan, truly Christmas was a mysterious day when everyone and anyone can get together easily.

Scarlet send a teasing grin towards Nathan as she spoke, "My my how popular you are Nathan all the ladies of the ball was practically glued to you."

Nathan rolled his eyes as he spoke, "Ya right, and so are you all enjoying the evening."

The girls nodded at his question before Song Jie spoke with a frown, "We are but where is Katrina."

Nathan sighed at that as he spoke, "Katrina at the end of the day is the head butler of our family as such she is busy."

Isuzu nodded in understanding before she spoke with a frown, "That girl Milliana she…", Nathan turned towards her before giving her an apologetic smile as he spoke, "Whatever she said I would ask for forgiveness that woman belongs in the asylum."

The others were taken aback by the dislike in his voice apparently from what they had seen Milliana's father was a bit close to Tristan yet the rift between their children was so big that even a blind man can see.
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