healing heart
1 A new place
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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1 A new place

he was the vampires king race for thousands of years he ruled his kingdom with wisdom he was unlike any king he brought peace to the vampires world be deep down inside the heart of this strong king there is loneliness that no one felt. he spent most of his in his mansion Isolated in his chamber reading or doing his paperwork.

it was evening time when Kaname Kuran was standing in front of his large window observing the sunset it was one of the things he loved to see. a knock on his door get his attention upon hearing it he give them permission to enter " my lord the dinner is ready" the maid said " thank you. but I do not have an appetite" he said and looked outside the window " as you wish my lord" the maid bowed and lift closing the door.

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outside the mansion far away from the city a girl named Althea was struggling to keep herself warm the weather was so cold snow was covering everything she was searching for place to stay it until morning she looked around her nothing was there except and trees she walked to one of the trees and sit underneath it praying for god that she can survive until the sunrise.

when the sun raised Althea decided to continue the journey she was starving and tired she walked long distance until she reached to some town she looked for someone to ask about her destination she saw old woman standing by a jewelry shop she approached the woman to ask her " excuse me, ma'am can I ask you about this place" she showed the woman paper written on it a description to same place the lady recognized the place and showed her from where to go. it took about five hours walking until she reached the place she took deep breath before knocking on the large wooden doors when the doors operand it revealed massive beautiful garden she was so lost on her thought that she did not introduce herself and say what she is her for " good evening sir im her for the job " she said the man looked and nodded " come this way first you must see lady Chou she is in charge of all the works" they walked inside the mansion Althea was so amazed the place was very big and elegant they entered to a huge kitchen " lady Chou this is the new maid" she turned and looked at Althea " oh good evening Althea" the lady said "good evening my lady" the young girl said and bowed " oh no need formality came have seat you must be tired" she leads her to the table were all the maids having dinner " everyone may I have your attention please this is Althea she well be working in the mansion starting form tomorrow so Althea now eat your meal and after that I will show you your room" she said to her

Althea was more than happy after she ate her food she was so hungry she thought it will only get better if she had a nice warming bath and peaceful sleep " Althea did you finished your food" the old lady asked her " yes my lady thank you very much" she said "then came with me this way I'm going to show your room" she followed the lady to where the room is " this is your room and here is your bathroom"

" the room is beautiful are sure that I can stay here" she was confused the room looked very beautiful unlike any place she ever slept in " yes our lord treat his servant kindly" the old lady replied " now Althea starting tomorrow your work will be at Lord Kaname quarter, humans maids work there because it's safer for them not that I say that anything happened before to humans here but its lord Kaname orders, you have to wake up at 6 am every do understand " the lady said " yes I understand " Althea replied " very good now go take a bath and go to bad good night see you tomorrow morning " the old lady said " good night" Althea replied and closed the door behind her and went to the bathroom to take shower after that she went to the bad to sleep hoping that the near future well be better for her


the next day Althea wake up fifteen minutes earlier she felt fresh after sleeping for seven hours in a comfortable bad she got of the bad to make herself ready today she well start her new job after about ten minutes she was ready she sit on the bad waiting for lady Chou she looked at the photo frame she place it on her night stand it was picture of her mother " I missed you" she whispered to tears start rolling down her cheeks she did not notice that the five minutes had passed until she heard the door knock " Althea can I came in" the lady asked " yes lady Chou" she replied " good mooring did you sleep well " the old noticed that she was crying " yes my lady thank you for concern" Althea said " oh came here young lady why were you crying " she asked and pulled her into her arms and patting her head " it's nothing I just was thinking about my mother " she replied to her the old lady pulled her away a little to look at her " do not worry your mother well be fine I have sent her the money for her treatment and the doctor said that she well get better soon so try to smile a bit that beautiful face should not be sad " Althea felt better after hearing the old lady comfortable words " thank you so much I feel better now " Althea said " now let us not waste more time after the breakfast I will show you what you going to do" the old lady led her to the kitchen

" here we go have sit Althea don't be shy" Althea sit at the end of the table she noticed that all the maids seemed unusually comfortable she had worked at many places but she did not saw what she is seeing now " good morning you are the new maid right " the woman that was sitting next to her asked " yes" she answered her " I'm Hana and you" the woman extend her hand for Althea " I'm Althea " Althea too extend her for Hana " if you need anything do not hesitant to ask me I work here for five years now so" Althea so this as an opportunity to ask about the work nature in this place " may I ask you about some things" Althea said " of course anything " the women seemed nice to her " so what is it like working here" she asked " oh it's the beast place I ever work at although there a lot of work to do and lady Chou is very strict person but she is very kind " Althea was listing very carefully to her " and let me tell you that lord kaname is the most respectful person I ever work for when I was at me last month of my pregnancy with my third child he let go home and stay with my husband and my kids he is a very good person I'm going to give you one advice do your work appropriately and do not get involved at anything that is not your business there are some maids are going to manipulate you to make you lose your work so be careful ok " hana warned her " I will. thank you very much " Althea said and begin to eat her food she kept thinking about what Hana said to her she was relieved that he wasn't like the last person that she worked for.

" so Althea I see that you meet Hana already " lady Chou asked her as they were heading up stairs " yes she is very nice person" she rippled looking at hana smiling at her " that very good, Hana would place do me a favor " the old lady asked " yes my lady " hana rippled " I want you to stay close to Althea until she get used to the place " the old lady said " of course my lady my and Althea are friends now right Althea " hana said and looked at her " yes " Althea rippled smiling " ok now time for work Althea this lord kaname quarter witch it contains the library and his office and his bad room " Althea was listing to the old lady and looking amazed at how this part of mansion is very big " you will be responsible for the bad room Althea came with me " the old lady signaled to Althea to follow her the lady opened another room the was very large and very beautiful " listen to me carefully the reason that I brought here early today because lord kaname is not in the mansion so when he is here you came here at 5 am you will knock at the door first if he gives the permission to enter you will go straight to his bad room and do you work silently and don't break anything and anything you clean it to make sure that you return it to its place am I clear " the old lady asked her " yes my lady I will not disappoint you " Althea said " I know you will not, then I leave you to your work " the old lady said and left her to do her work.
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    《healing heart》