healing heart
2 The Owner Of The Mansion
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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2 The Owner Of The Mansion

it's been a week since Althea started working at the mansion she was happy that she finally found a job she can settle in and provide the money for her mother medicine. for the whole week Althea noticed that some of the maids that they are working with her are staring at her with haters but that did not bother her since she is used to this kind of behaviors and now as she was making her way to the bad room chamber to clean it two of the maids are whispering and staring at her, before she entered the room she turned and looked at them for a moment and then she opened the door and got inside to do her work.

she looked at the room checking it as every day the room looked clean and everything in its place she was surprised how every day the room looked like no one is using it except for the bed sheets and pillows that were scattered every were on the bad like is the one how is using the bad is having troubles with sleeping, shaking her head from those thoughts she started to change the bed sheets and pillows . after she finished cleaning the room she went to the bathroom to clean it too. as she was exiting the room she heard someone talking on the phone the voice was coming from the library she approached the door carefully and put her ear on the door

" yes. I will be there, I thank it will not take long "

whoever was talking on the phone looked like he had finished the call so before Althea gets cached she left quickly unknowingly to her that the pureblood king had sensed her from the moment she stepped into his quarters.

" Hana can I ask you about something, " Althea asked

" yes " Hana rippled as she was sweeping the floor

" did you met the owner of the mansion I mean personally, " she asked

" yes, I told you the first time we met " Hana rippled " why is there something happened " this time Hana was the one who asked

" no, I just was asking because I never saw him " she rippled

Hana left everything that she was doing dragged Althea from her wrist " come with me " that was all that her friend said

" where are we going " but Hana did not answer she dragged her to a place in the mansion she didn't see before, they stopped in front of two big wooden doors Hana looked at her friend that had a confounded look at her face

" this is something that you have to see it with your eyes, " she told Althea and opened the doors quietly, they entered to what looked a large living room with beautiful decoration

" this is the owner of this mansion " Hana pointed her finger towards the large wall picture

Althea was speechless the man was so beautiful his eyes had such unique color more like red wine " well he is a fine man " that all that Althea managed to say

" just fine, girl you have a vision problem, " the older female said " we should get back to work, " Althea said and left the room.


Althea woke up breathing heavily she had another nightmare those nightmares are continuously hunting her since she was a child. she got off the bed and walked to the bathroom to get ready for her daily work.


"good morning," Althea said as she entered the kitchen

" good morning althea " lady Chou replied " Althea can I ask a favor from you" the old lady sad

" yes of course"

" I want you to take this tray to lord Kaname he is in the library and ask him if he wants anything else," the old woman said

well Althea want to ask that isn't a bit early for vampires to be awake now but she decided to mind her own business and don't ask anything

" yes, my lady" Althea said and took the tray.

when Althea got to the library she knocked on the door and waited for the permission to enter upon hearing her permission she pushed the heavy wooden door and marched inside after she entered she put the tray on the table

" do you want anything else, my lord, " she asked

"no thank you, " he said without looking at her and that made Althea thank that is rude from him to act like that towards his servants she step out of the room quickly before he throws her out.


time has passed so fast it's been three months since Althea started to work as maid in the mansion during that period she constantly kept herself away from the troubles and especially from the other maids that they always were staring at her with hatred Althea was a very an introverted person she never speak too much only when she is needed.

Althea was heading to her work when she came across two of the maids she tried to not pay them any attention

" look at her she always acts like she is better than us, " one of the maids said.

" leave her be for now I have my plan to get rid of her, " the other maid said.

" good morning Althea, " Hana said " did you finished your work"

" good morning Hana, no I just was going now " she replied with a warm smile

" ok then see you later, I'm very hungry after all that cleaning, " Hana said as she was heading downstairs

Althea was too busy in watching Hana that she didn't look ahead of her and " Ah " she bumped up against someone and she fall on the ground and she looked at both of her sides and saw some papers had fallen from whom she bumped into she get up very quickly and started to collecting the papers

" I'm very sorry I should have been more careful I….. " she got cut off by a deep husky voice and a hand helping her pick up the papers

" its ok I wasn't looking in front of me too " and that when Althea started to panic when she realized who is that person

" I'm very sorry my lord please forgive me for being careless " she heard him chuckle so she looked up only to find a very magnificent man smiling down at her Althea was very confused the man should be extremely angry at her but he wasn't

" did you got hurt, " he asked her while picking up the last few papers

" no, I'm fine thank for your concern my lord " she answered him still shocked by his behavior

" well then be careful next time, " he said with a gentle look in his eyes " have a nice day, " he told her before he left leaving behind a very confused Althea.


" that is everything for today gentleman thank you, " the vampire king told the Senate members, he watched as everyone started to leave he didn't know why his mind played for him what happened earlier today

" so what is are you thinking of that making you smile like that " came the voice that only belonged to Takuma Ichijo

" nothing in particular, " he told his old time friend.


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