healing heart
3 Memories
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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3 Memories

Althea as little girl was not very fortunate like the other girls and how they have been always surrounded by their fathers love and that is something she never felt, loneliness was a familiar feeling to her yes she had a mother who was always far away from home working day and night to provide her at least the smallest things a child would need.

Althea grow up to a responsible teenager she had to quit school at the age of fourteen after her mother get sick she had to work instead her mother so to earn more money for her medication work in two jobs, she barely slept, eating one meal every day, it was hard for a young girl but she never seemed to be bothered until what she had to go through.

when Althea was at the age of seventeen she was working in grocery store her life began to settle her mother health seemed to be better and she even considered finishing her schooling but life had other plans for her.

Althea may be the kind of girl that doesn't care about her outside appearance but she is alluring young woman and that made her an object for male and that led her to the most devastating experience in her life, when the manager of the store start looking at her with lustful stares it's not like she didn't notice she was well aware of it but she chose to Ignore him and keep her distance from him but his action grow bolder like whenever there isn't a customers in the store he try's open a random conversations, touching her hands for no reason while she arranging goods but she would pull her hand straight away but he want the one to give up, one day when he found her in the storage room he saw this as his chance he walked in quietly and closed the door behind him upon hearing the clicking sound Althea got alerted she turned around to find him leaning on the door looking at her

" why did you close the door " she tried to keep her voice firm as if not to show him that she was scared but she was

" why you look so terrified Althea " he spoke to her while taking his steps toward her

" what do you want " her voice was so desperate

" oh my deer Althea if you knew what I want " he was standing In front of her way too close

" would you give it to me willingly " he whispered in her left ear with that said he kissed her forcefully pushing her against the wall she put her hands on his chest in an attempt push him off her but tighten his hold on her he pulled away from her lips and bind her hands above her head

" you taste so good " he spoke in a lustful voice

" please don't do that "she pleaded him

but he continued his assault on her he moved his face to her neck started kissing and licking he loosened his grip on her hands she took that as her chance to Pick up the knife that was on the table near her she stabbed him on his left shoulder and he fell on the ground weeping from the pain she didn't waste time and rushed to the door she opened it she didn't stop running until she reached her home.

after that incident Althea took her mother and moved to a new town she hadn't overstepped what happened to her and she didn't tell anyone even her mother, that day she stayed outside her home she kept carrying for a long time by herself but she kept on reminding herself that her mother needed her that was the only thing that kept her going.

they settle in a new house and she got a new work she is now working in a bakery trying so hard to not think about the past but it will be forever hard with what about going to happen

it was Saturday evening when Althea was cleaning and about to close the bakery she heard the shop door opening she was about to go to the Intro of the Store when a hand covered her mouth and another on her waist keeping her in place

" Hello Althea we met again but this time you will not go any were until I'm done with you " he tied her hands behind her back and covered her mouth with tape so she can't scream

" wait outside and don't let anyone inside " he ordered his men when they lift he dragged her to the kitchen and close door

" so where do like us to start do you want it fast or slow as for me I want fast so what do you think, " he said with an evil grin on his face

Althea knew that there is no way out of this she could only let the silent tears skip her eyes, he pushed her to the kitchen center and turned her making her facing the wall

she heard him unzipping his trousers she tried to skip from him but he holed her still she felt him pushing her dress up then he pulled her undergarment down exposing her flesh to him

he thrust himself in her and she shut her eyes tight at the sudden pain she heard him make the most disgusting sound as he started to move inside of her she was under his mercy unable to move unable to outlet any sound, he kept moving inside her until he came inside her. he withdrew himself from her and throw her on the ground and zipped his trousers he looked down at her

" I'm not satisfied with you but for now I will punish you for stabbing me I will misshapen that pretty face of yours, " he said moving to the boiling water in the cooking bowl,

Althea could only shake her head as if she is saying no to him " oh me deer Althea you must feel the pain that I felt "

he grabbed the cooking bowl and took his steps towards her Althea tried to push herself away but it turned out in vain he as he was faster than her he gives her one last look before poured the boiling water on her.


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