healing heart
4 Illness
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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4 Illness

it was a nice day Althea thought despite the snow that was covering everything but in her mind everything looked pure white unlike the harsh reality of this word this snow can brings some relief to her troubled soul, she was standing in front of the window when she heard some of the maids voices talking to each other as they were passing her room and that reminded her that she was staring outside the window a bit long and she has work to do.


Althea released a sigh of relief as she finished her daily tasks " what a long day " she mumbled to herself as she entered the room she was about to enter the bathroom when she heard the sound of knocking on her room door she let out frustration sigh and went to open the door

when she opened the door she saw what looked like one of the maids but she never saw her before " good evening, are you Althea " the girl said somehow it was clear to Althea that the girl wasn't human

" yes, " Althea said in a confused voice

" lady Chou sand me to tell that you are going to clean the mansion entrance, some Important guests will arrive in the morning, so everything should be ready before the morning. " as the girl finished Althea want to protest and say that this wasn't her job to do but she choose to say nothing about it and do it

" ok tell lady Chou that I will do it, " Althea said and the girl left.

Althea took her coat and wear it she needs to keep herself warm since the weather is freezing outside.

when she opened the door to the main entrance to the mansion she was welcomed by a chilly freezing wind she fixed her coat so that can be more warming, she closed the door behind her and took the shovel and started to remove the snow.


it took her two hours to remove the snow by now the wind was more chilly than it was when she came outside, to try not to think about how cold she is she distracted by thinking that once she flinched she will take a hot nice bath.


the pureblood vampire was in his library sitting in front of his desk for tonight he was bored with the chess board,

he stood up from his desk and went to the window he wasn't looking at anything In particular till his sight landed on female figure he sensed that she was human and he clearly remembered that he ordered that no humans are allowed to be outside the mansion at night since too dangerous for them to be outside at this time of night.

" Seiren " he called

the said person appeared immediately bowing " yes my lord "

" call lady Chou tell her to come to the library ..immediately " he ordered


after about five minutes lady Chou was knocking on the door after as she got the permission she opened the door and entered " good evening my lord .. you summoned me did you need anything? " the old lady said

" yes … come there is something you need to see " he signaled to her to come closer to the window and she obeyed

the sight that she saw made the old lady gasp " that is Althea… am sorry my lord I do not know how this happened she supposed to be in her room now "

" by tomorrow morning I want an explanation to all of this, now go and take the poor girl to her room she must be freezing outside " he and turned his eyes to the window

" yes my lord " she side and marched out the room


" Althea how did this happened, who told you to do this tell me, " the old asked her as she assisted her to change her clothes

" you send one of the maids and asked to do this " Althea said

" me, I did no such thing " she paused for a minute thinking about it " listen to me Althea now go to sleep you must be exhausted, " the old lady said before she left the room.


the next morning Althea woke up she did not feel refreshing but a bit tired and she felt that her body was hot, she pushed the blanket off her and stood up on her feet she looked at the time and realized that she was late, but she needs to take a quick shower before she starts the day.


Althea let out a tired sigh either today was not a good day at all or she was too slow today she was feeling like her body was on fire and to make things worse she hadn't finished cleaning the room and if he stepped in any minute know she would be in a trouble and that is the last thing she wanted.

Althea thought like was some kind devil was listening to her thoughts when she heard the door opening she stopped everything she was doing " good evening my lord I'm so sorry I haven't finished cleaning earlier please forgive me "

she said everything so fast that she wasn't aware that he was looking at her like he was looking for something on her face

" good evening Althea, how are you feeling today, " he said

she was so confused with his question why he was asking her " I'm fine my lord "

what he is about to see to her now is going to her is going to make more confused " take the rest of the day off, you look tired "

" thank you, my lord, but fine " she argued

" this is an unquestionable order do you understand Althea, " he said with an angry tone

she didn't argue since she was feeling like she is going to collapse any second know " as you wish my lord … good night "

" good night Althea, " he said

she started to walk towards the when she stopped when she reached the doorknob she felt she strong wave of dizziness she put her hands on the door in an attempt to steady herself

" Althea are y... " that was the last thing she heard the darkness took over her

before her numb body hit the floor lord Kaname caught her " Althea Althea wake up " he shock her body in an attempt to bring her to her senses but it didn't work

" Seiren "

" my lord "

" tell lady Chou to call for physician and to come to my room quickly, " he said as he picked her up in his arms and placed her body in his bad.
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    《healing heart》