healing heart
5 Illness part 2
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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5 Illness part 2

" Lord Kaname the physician arrived " lady Chou informed the pureblood king who was in sitting in his library

" did you let him in, " the vampire king asked

" yes my lord, he is examining her as we speaking " the old lady replied

" very well then, please inform after he finishes, " he said

" yes my lord, " she said as she excused herself


after about ten minutes later the door opened and lady chou rushed to the physician side noting how worried she was he assured that she will be fine.

" Lord Kaname the physician is here to see you, " the old lady said

" good evening my lord, its pleasure to meet you my lord " the old man greeted his king

" good evening, so could you inform me about Althea condition, " the pureblood asked

" yes my lord, she appears to have what the humans call a cold but she will be fine in a few days she

just needs to take a good amount of rest and take these medicines "

he handed the paper to lady Chou " now my lord if you may excuse me "

" yes thank you, Seiren could you please escort him on the way out " the pureblood ordered

" yes my lord " she replied

" Lord Kaname I wanted to say thank you for taking care of Althea, " the old said

" it's nothing lady Chou, " he said as he leaned on his disk table " but I want to ask do you know her before she came here "

" yes my lord I do know her since she was a child " she paused for a moment thinking if she should tell him or not but she decided to tell him " you knew her mother… to be exact you saved her mother, my lord "

" do you mean to say that her mother is Kaia Buros, " he said it with a hint of Surprise in his voice

" yes my lord she is " she said as she approached him" you saved the mother from a harsh fate and now you are saving the daughter " the old lady gives him a warm smile " you are an honorable man lord Kaname" " now if you may excuse my lord I must go check on her "


as lady Chou left the pureblood king couldn't stop thinking about the day Althea mother came to him begging him to help her and the child that was growing inside her.


it was twenty-two years ago before Althea was born " please lord Kaname help me he is going to kill me" Kaia begged him " please my lord save my child " she was so desperate tears where falling from her eyes like a river, she felt a pair of strong arms helping her stand on her feet

" please stop crying, " he said to her in a warm voice as he helped her to sit on the chair " please calm down lady Kaia, tell me how can I help you, " he said to her

she looked at him not believing " I only want one thing "

" I will do my best to help you, so what is it that you want, " he asked her

" I want a safe way to get out of this town and go somewhere that I and my child can live away from him," the young female said.


the stood up from his and marched out of his office heading to his room he opened the door and walked in knowing that Althea still in his room unconscious.

" Did she wake up? " he asked the old lady

" no my lord, but I can have her carried to her room if y…." he cut her off

" no its ok," he said as his eyes fell on the young girl hair he noticed that her hair color is like her father and it's longer than an ordinary human could have

" dose her father knows about her, " he asked as he took the seat across the bad

" the truth is that we don't know, but if he finds out about her he will kill her " the old stopped and looked at the young girl " for now Althea all what her mother have if she lost her she cannot survive "

" I have to go to prepare a room for you, " she said as she was wiping her tears

as the old lady left the pureblood king stood up from his seat and neared the bad he sat on the bed edge and started to examine her features she looked like her father a lot and he wondered how he did not notice that

from her face to her neck he noticed some marks on her neck with his left hand he removed her hair to get a better view it was a burning mark and it looks like its spread on her lower body he felt sorry for the young girl it looks like wasn't an easy life for her he thought.

he looked at the time and realized that he was getting late for the Senate meeting he looked at her one last time before he left the room hoping that she will be better soon.


the news had spread across the mansion and how perfect for the gossiping maids

" lady Chou is it true that Althea is in lord Kaname room, " one of the maids asked behind her an army full of curiosity

the old lady gives them an angry look " I suppose each one of you has work to do or do you want me to tell lord Kaname that he needs to punish you all " she was looking at each one of the maids

" no my lady we are very sorry we won't Interfere with what does not concern us " all the maids rushed to their work immediately


" are you staying for a long time tonight, " Takuma asked

" no " the pureblood answered leaning back in his chair " Takuma I need a favor from you "

" yes Kaname what is it that you want, " the blonde haired aristocratic vampire asked

" I want you to take care of the meeting for the next two days can you do that for me, " the pureblood asked

" yes of the curse " his old time friend did not hesitate to help but he was wondering why he would be absent for two days " but may ask why is that you will be absent "

" I have personal things need to be done, " he said closing his coat buttons " good night Takuma"
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    《healing heart》