healing heart
6 Illness part 3
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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6 Illness part 3

when the pureblood king returned to his mansion that night he went straight to his office he had plans he wanted to know if Althea father lord Hanadagi is searching for her and want to gather some information's about her after all she is no ordinary girl, so as always he sends his right-hand female Seiran and she, as usual, carried on her master orders.

after seiran left the vampire king stayed in his office for two hours finishing some paperwork he had left unfinished when he looked at the time it was two in the morning he put the set of papers from his hands on the table and stood up to go to his temporary room to get some sleep but instead of that his feet dragged him to the one Althea sleeping in he opened the door very quietly careful to not awakening the sick girl

he marched towards the bad and what he saw was a heartbreaking sight the girl body was trembling and her bangs were sticking on her forehead due to the sweating he touched her face and as he expected her temperature was high

he went to the bathroom to find something he can put a cold water in when he got back set on the bad and placed the bowl on the bad he put his hand under her head to lift her a bit so he can dry her a bit after that he took a small clean towel and put it in the cold water and then he squeezed the water from the towel and placed it on her forehead he continued like this for about half an hour but nothing worked her fever is still high

he noticed that she started to whisper something's he thought she must be hallucinating due to the fever he saw she who her hands clutching to the blanket, her words like she was begging someone

he leaned his face closer to hers to listen to her words more clearly " no please don't do that, please "

he left his face to look at her only to find tears rolling down from the sides of her eyes she was crying he realized he took her hand in his to let her know that there is someone with her only for her to hold on his hand with slight force

he stayed beside her till the dawn when he sensed that her fever had broke he stood up from the bad and moved to a chair close to the window he took the book that was on the table near him he opened it and started reading the book


when Althea opened her eyes everything around her was fuzziness she blinked her eyes several times to get a better view she set up on the bad and the first thing she noticed she was not in her room and the second shock is that this room is

" Althea you're awake " and his voice confirmed doubts she looked to the voice direction

" l lord Kaname " she wanted to say more than that but she couldn't

" how do you feel now, " he asked standing up from his place

" I'm fine my lord thank you " she answered him trying to get off the bad

" what are you doing, " he asked " Althea don't stand up you still sick " he placed both his hands on her shoulder's to push her back to sit back on the bed

you see in a situation like these Althea doesn't know how to react because in her life only two people treat her with good manners and those two women were her mother and lady Chou as for men she had never come across a good ones

" what's wrong Althea " his voice cut her thoughts she just looked at him not knowing what she should say

" I should go back to my room thank you for your kindness Lord Kaname and I'm very sorry for what I did It was impoliteness from me to sleep in your bed " she looked up at him only for her to see him smiling

" are you finished if you are, you may go to your room but you need to wait for lady Chou to help you, as for the bad nothing happened you were sick and there is no impoliteness in this " he patted on her head as he finished his words

" thank you, " she said in a low voice

a knock on the door got their attention " Althea … you awake what a relief " the old lady embraced her rubbing her back in a soothing effect after all Althea is like her daughter

" thank you lady Chou, " Althea said as they parted from their embrace

from where he was standing the pureblood king watched the mother and daughter relationship that Althea and the old lady shared

" My lord I'm so sorry forgive my disrespect, it's only that I was happy to say Althea awake "

" there is nothing to apologize for, I have to go now have a good day, " the pureblood king said before he exited

" Althea how are feeling now, " the old lady asked and sit beside her

" I'm fine lady Chou thank you for taking care of me, I can never have enough words to express my gratitude "

" don't be silly, you are my daughter and it's not me you have to thank its lord Kaname who you should be thanking " Althea give the old lady her look annoying

" about that " Althea started " I already did that, " she told her getting up on her feet " could you please help me to go to my room "

" yes " the old lady helped her " but you have to take the whole day off " the old lady informed her, Althea nodded her head


it's been over a week since Althea got sick but she is much better now infect she is back to do her duties as maid but unknowingly to her that the vampires king is keeping a close eye on her he doesn't have a bad intention towards her but after the information's that Sairan delivered to him he thought that its best to for her to be under his sight

he now knows that her father is looking for her and planning to kill her as for her life there isn't much to be considered Important other than she stayed in the hospital for six month's three years ago.


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