healing heart
7 dark blue eyes, pure diamond hair
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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7 dark blue eyes, pure diamond hair

" mother why I do not have a father like my friends, " the six-year-old young Althea asked her mother

her mother could only gaze at her young daughter what kind answer she would provide her with, even if she told her the truth her daughter is too young to understand, her mother pulled her to her chest in an attempt to hide her tears from her young daughter but they failed her and landed on her daughter shoulder " mother why are you crying " the young girl asked

" I'm not crying Althea, come with me I brought you something "


Althea opened her eyes and realized that she was dreaming she looked at the time and it was seven in the morning, a knock on the door got her attention, weird she thought it was the holidays weak so no one is in the mansion except her and lady Chou and the guards so who is knocking " come in " she said

" Althea, " the older female said in a happy tone

" Hana when did came back, " Althea asked as she got off the bad, her friend didn't answer she just hugged her as if she didn't see her in ages, Hana pulled away and looked at her friend with tears starting forming in her eyes Althea was about to ask but Hana spoke first

" who are you feeling now, " Hana asked wiping her tears

" oh is that why are you crying, " Althea said as she mentioned to her friend to sit with her on the bad

" I'm fine now, so no need to be so emotional, it's just could " she assured to her friend

" I'm very sorry I couldn't be here before now, " Hana said

" enough with these apologies already " Althea scolded her friend " now tell what brought here at the holidays you should be with your family "

" well I came to see you, I learned from lady Chou that you were sick so I came to visit you and I have brought to you gift " she opened the box and brought out a beautiful winter scarf and handed it over to Althea

" oh… it's so beautiful… thank you, Hana " Althea thanked her as she put the scarf on her " it's very warm "

" I'm glad that you like it, I knitted it what do you think of my work? " her friend said in a joking tone

Althea give her a devilish smile " it's great to work, and I two have a gift for "

" and what is it " her friend too got excited

" you will help me to clean the library today, what do think of my gift " Althea couldn't stop herself from laughing the look on Hana's face is priceless

" I'm sorry I will stop laughing, " Althea said as she wiped the corner of her eyes

" you are so mean, but because it's the first time I see laughing like this so I will help you " Hana looked at Althea with annoyed but Althea continued with her laughter


At the library

" that is a numerous number of books, " Althea said as she was cleaning one of the bookshelves

" yes, he is very an educated person, " Hana said

" I see, " Althea said, she remembered when she woke up in his room and how he treats her with kindness

" Althea are you listening to me " Althea was so lost in her thoughts until she felt a hand on her right shoulder " are you alright, " Hana asked her

" yes, I'm fine I was just thinking about my mother " Althea assured her

" are you not going to visit her, " her friend asked her

" of course I will, I haven't seen her since I came here, " Hana noticed how Althea spoke about her mother with such tenderness and love

" you love your mother so much Althea, " Hana asked her

" yes, after all, she is the only family I got " Hana felt sorry for the poor girl she's young yet she suffered a lot

" you are a good girl Althea, it's rare to see someone taking care of their parents these days, " Hana said

" thank you "

" so Althea you never told anything me about yourself, " Hana asked

" what do you want to know, " Althea said as she finished cleaning everything

" anything, like your childhood, any secret crush, your life in general " Hana asked as she helped Althea to spread the table mattress

" Hmm, I'm going to abbreviate everything, because there isn't much to tell " Althea paused thinking about her answer " my childhood was normal though most of the time I stayed alone at the house because my mother was working in two jobs, and no secret crush, and now I'm working here, and that's about everything "

" hmm but I'm going to believe you on the no secret crush part " Hana teased

Althea let out a tired laugh and gazed outside the window, her unusual silent made Hana wonder did she said something upset her " Althea what's wrong did I said something wrong"

" no, I'm just tired, since we already finished, " she said as she was looking around the room to make sure that everything in its place

" I think that we are done with everything here, thank you, Hana, for helping me "

" you are welcome " Hana hugged the young female " you look sad Althea, why is that? " Hana asked as they parted

" no I'm fine, you need to go to your home and I need to go to get ready for leaving tomorrow morning so let's hurry, " Althea said as she dragged her out of the room.


the next morning Althea woke up early more than the usual so she can arrive to her house early, she didn't take many clothes with her since she is staying for just two days, she promised lady Chou that she will help her for the dinner preparation and most of the servants are living outside the town and its Christmas holiday so it will take a while for all of them to be here and it will be difficult for lady Chou to make everything ready in time though Althea wanted to spend more time with her mother the old female told her that she will be given prerequisite for the additional work so agreed to help because she really needed it because her mother medications price are increasing.

" did you take everything you need, " the old lady asked

" yes, " Althea said as she put her small suitcase on the ground, the two females are standing at the mansion outlet gate

" take care of yourself and tell your mother that I will come to visit her soon, " the old lady said

" yes I w… "

" good morning lady's " a deep voice cut her off

" good morning lord Kaname, " both lady's said

" Althea are you going somewhere? " he asked

" yes, I'm going to visit my mother " she replied

" please take this suitcase to the car " he signaled to guards

" my lord I live on the opposite side of the town and I'm going to take the train, and you must be busy " Althea was surprised by his actions and it's not her first, one question kept on going on her mind is that his true nature or its one of the pureblood fabricated behavior

"it's long walking from here to the train station and I'm passing there, so it's no problem " he assured to her

seeing that she can't disagree and it's going to make arrive earlier so she decided to say yes " think you lord Kaname "

" then shall we go, " he said

" yes, see you soon lady Chou, " Althea said before she steps into the car.

" call me when you get there, " the old female said


the ride to the train station was very quiet the vampire king was occupied in the documents that were between his hands and Althea was looking outside the window car in general life Althea was not a person who talks or converse too much she always prefers to stay quiet.

lowering the documents from his hands he took a look at the girl who is sating on the opposite side to him from the look on her eyes he can guess that she was in deep thought, he noticed that her eyes color are dark blue like cornflower and her hair is long and beautiful like a pure diamond, she is very captivating for a human he thought to himself.

the car arrived at the train station the chauffeur opened the car door for Althea to step off the car

" thank you very much, Lord Kaname, " she said

his lips formed a warm smile that is rarely seen " your welcome, have save trip "

Althea watched as the car drove away toward its destination, she too turned around to catch her train.


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