healing heart
8 longing
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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8 longing

after Althea arrived at the town she went to the market to buy something's before she goes back to her home it's been more than four months since she last saw her mother and she can't go home with empty hands

after she was done with buying everything she needs she went straight to home when she entered the house as expected the house was quiet and her mother is most likely is still asleep

she closed the door behind her and walked quietly to the room, her mother was sleeping beside her on the table was her medications that sight made the young girl heart hurt so much, her own tears betrayed her and escaped for her eyes but she didn't stop them, she felt helpless the woman who was lying there on that bad was the one who was taking care of her but all Althea could is just provided enough money for her medications

for now she decided the push these thoughts away she wiped her eyes with her sleeves and walked slowly to the bed and bent down quietly Althea was confused should she wake her mother or wait for her to wake up on her own but she missed her and she is staying for just two days so she going to wake her

" mother wake up " she called her with the most gentle voice

after a few seconds her mother opened her eyes " I missed you so much " the young girl could not hold her emotions any more she hugged her mother like a little child who was desperate to be in his mother warm embrace

" I missed too my dear " the mother too tried to take her girl in her arms despite her weak state " don't cry " the mother patted her daughter head in order to calm her down

after a few moments the girl lifted her head and looked at her mother " I'm sorry " she said as she wiped her tears

" I brought some fruits with me I will go and bring you some " she was about to stand up but her mother stopped her

" no, stay with me a little longer, I want to know how you been doing in the past months"

" I'm not going anywhere, let me help you wash up and then I will make you a delicious breakfast and I will tell you everything you want " Althea stood up to help her mother


in the kitchen

" sit here, " she said to her mother

" so how is the new nurse with you? " Althea asked her mother as she started to make the breakfast

" oh she is a nice girl, she comes always early before her time " the mother answered

" that's good "

" I know that you call her every day, " the mother said

" did she told you " she didn't seem surprised

" no, but I heard her when she was on the phone with you, now enough about me tell me who is your work, " the mother asked

" it's good, every day the same routine nothing out of the ordinary " Althea said as she placed the food on the table

" Chou told me that you work at the pureblood quarters, " her mother said

Althea stopped eating when she heard her mother words she didn't expect that lady Chou would tell her everything in details, but she understood her mother fears as well " don't worry mother I'm not going to repeat the past " she assured her

" let us not speak about this anymore, after we eat I'm going to take to the main square the place there is really fascinating, what do think do you want to go? "

her mother smiled and said " I would love to, it's been a while since we spend some time together "

" I know that's why I planned for this "


at the main square

" there will be a puppet show I know you love these shows so I thought it would be nice to watch it, " Althea told her mother as she helped her mother to sit down " I will go to bring you something warm to drink okay "

her mother smiled and nodded her head

Althea and her mother watched the show together, she loved to see her mother smiling again since her mother got sick her medical condition become variable due to that her mother cannot go out of the house, but today Althea called her mother supervisor doctor and asked him if its good or not for her health to take her out of the house the doctor said to no problem as long that she take her medications on time

after the show, Althea and her mother strolled around the streets and went to gift shops Althea bought a big size snowball for her mother as a gift, not long after that the mother and the daughter went to their home, after the dinner both the mother and her daughter went to bad

the next day Althea didn't go out with her mother but instead of that she decided to spend the with her mother at home and cook for her favorite meals

when lunch time came the table was full of fest of foods Althea tried to cook everything her mother liked although she is very good at cooking no matter good you are you can't do everything by yourself

" oh that is so much food Althea " her mother was looking at the table with surprised expressions " you didn't need trouble yourself but thank you "

" first don't you ever think me again for anything " the girl spoke with a firm tone in her voice " and it was no trouble at all " Althea said as she kissed her mother forehead " now let's eat before the food gets cold "

the rest of the day Althea and her mother spend it chatting and retelling stories about Althea when she was chilled and laughing about it, they continue like this until sleep overtook them

the next day Althea woke up early to head back to the mansion, as usual, she took the train to go back, she avoided saying goodbye to her mother knowing who painful saying goodbye is.


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