healing heart
10 She deserved i
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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10 She deserved i

the old lady understood the situation so she didn't follow Althea she knew that the young girl needs some time alone but this maid needs to be punished for daring to say such words about there lords

" I will go now good night lady Chou, " Takuma said

" good night sir, please accompany lord Ichijo to the door " she mentioned to the servant

ones the lord left the old lady went to the kitchen she found the maids gathering around Mina the maid that Althea slapped like she was the victim when it's the other way around Mina is the same maid that got Althea sick the last time Lady Chou report too the Lord that it was a mistake but this time she is not letting her off without a punishment

"everyone go back to your places hurry you have one hour to finish all the work do you understand " the old lady spoke with a cold to

" yes lady Chou, " the maids said In union

" Mina "

the girl stopped on her tracks and looked at the old lady and said " yes lady Chou "

" you are punished for daring to say unrespectful words about the Lord "

" From tomorrow morning all the kitchen work will be on you for two months IF you caused any other problems during this time you will be Fired do you understand " honestly lady Chou was so angry that this girl dared to say this world's to Althea she wanted to fire her immediately but she stopped herself for acting Irrationally

" but lady Chou it wasn't I who started " she started to crying " please Lady Chou ask all the maids I didn't do anything "

" IF you say another I will make sure that you be punished in a way that I more painful. now go and do your work probably " the old lady left the kitchen after she said these words


Althea went to her room after what happened she lucked the door behind her to make sure that no one can enter she set on her bed she rubbed her face with her hands trying to too prevent her herself from crying she took a deep breath to claim her troubled mind she stood up and went to the bathroom filling the tube with warm water she took off her clothes and went inside the tube feeling a bit relaxed she put her head on the tube edge and closed her eyes.


after 30 minutes Althea stepped out of the bathroom room she took a nightgown from the closest as she was put the nightgown she saw her reflection on the mirror she stepped closer to the mirror with her hand she traced the burning marks from her neck to her shoulder arm, chest, the side of her stomach and thigh tears start to drop from her eyes with shaking hands she put on her nightgown she went to the bed and covered her self with the blanket trying to forget what happened to her three years ago was impossible to her she tried a lot of times to not think about it but those marks will always be a reminder for her.

the next day Althea woke up early, as usual, she washed her face and brushed her teeth changed into her work clothes and went to the kitchen everyone one was eating their breakfast she took a seat beside Hana and started her breakfast " good morning Althea "

"good morning Hana. I know that you want to ask me about yesterday so let's talk after we eat "she knew that her friend can not live without grasping

" alright " Hana was annoyed she wants to know now

after the breakfast Hana went with Althea to the pureblood quarters Althea looked at her friend she laughed to herself with Hana could notice her they went to the bedroom where Althea will start cleaning first before she opens the door to the room she turned to her friend signaled her to keep her quiet

as they entered the room Althea found that he wasn't in there

" why are telling me to keep quiet " Hana whispered

" because I don't know IF Lord Kaname is here or not "

Althea said as she took to look at the room as always it's like she left it except for the bed it was in a mess Hana looked around too she was amused the room was nearly clean if it wasn't for messed up bed anyone would be sure that no one entered the room

" the room is so clean, " Hana said

" yes he is a very neat person, " Althea said as she started to change the bed sheets " so what do you want to ask "

" Oh yes, what happened yesterday I heard the maids saying that you slapped Mina. is it true? " she asked

Althea took a deep breath before she spoke " listen what happened yesterday was wrong for me I shouldn't have done that so please forget about it " what Althea about to hear wasn't something she expected

" forget about are you for real. and why are you very sorry about it she deserved it " Hana said to her as she helped her

Althea gaped at her friend " you are a crazy person " Althea couldn't stop herself from laughing.

the two of them were laughing and chatting they didn't know that in the library was two person's that could hear the both of them clearly.


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