healing heart
11 Strange thought“s
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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11 Strange thought“s

" I'm really impressed you really did that " after listening to the whole story Hana was really amazed her was really something

" now that I told you ever thing could you go, " Althea said

" Alright I will go but word of advice you need to stop acting like the whole world is going to end otherwise you never get married " after saying this words Hana left

" married hah " Althea mumbled to her self she wasn't upset about what her friend said but rather sad yes she will never get married or fall in love she knew.

after finishing cleaning the room Althea closed the windows and draw the curtains closed she left the room and closed the door behind her as she was passing the library the doors suddenly opened and someone called her name a blonde tall man was standing at the door

" excuse me are you, Althea, " the man asked

" yes, I am " the man give her a warm smile and said " Lord Kaname wants to speak to you. he is inside so come in "

he pushed the door open for her to enter Althea was very scared why is he asking for her. her heart was pounding in her chest she took a deep breath and went inside after she the blonde me closed the door behind her and the made Althea anxiety worse

"sorry for not introducing my self earlier I'm Takuma Ichijo " she heard him say

" my pleasure Sir " and then she looked at the Lord who was sitting behind his Desk " good afternoon my Lord, " she said to him

"good afternoon Althea. have sit " and she did

" is there anything I can do for you Lord Kaname " she wants to be out of here as soon as possible

" what happened yesterday Althea that made you hit her?" he asked

Althea looked at him for about five seconds then she how did he knew or rather who told him what is wrong with me this is his mansion, of course, he will know everything

" well... what happened is she said inappropriate words that she shouldn't say " Althea didn't know what else to say or how to say it

" but you know that what you did was wrong Althea " he already knew what the maid said so he didn't ask her and she was glad that he didn't if he did how she would explain it

" yes my Lord and I'm so sorry I can assure you that it will never happen again " she spoke with a pleading tone in her voice

taking a better look at her features her eyes color is blue like the ocean her nose small but straight her hair so tall and smooth she's very captivating

" this is the last time. you can leave now " his voice was so cold as he spoke

after she left Takuma looked at his friend and said " she is very beautiful "

" Indeed, " the Lord said

" Takuma I want to know everything about her every single detail " Kaname said then he added " I know very little about her so you know what to do "

" very well then. I will leave now I will be back when I have all the information that you want "

after his friend left the Lord stood up and walked towards the window his mind was filled with strange thoughts he kept thinking about her from the day he met her it was nothing like his usual self

as if there's someone hearing his thoughts he sensed her getting closer she knocked on the door and entered holding the tray in her hands she placed it on the table

" your tea my Lord. do you need anything else " she asked

" no. thank you can leave now " turning around to face the window he looked at the sky

" she is very beautiful, " he thought to himself.
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    《healing heart》