healing heart
12 With out noticing
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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12 With out noticing

spring has come bringing with the warm atmosphere the beautiful view of the cherry blossoms trees the white and pink petals gently float to the ground. It's Althea favorite time of the year it brings good memories the time when she was a little girl and she would come with her mother to the spring festival and they were here a good time together. she loved that time because it's the longest time that she could spend it with her mother for most of the year her mother is working and only come home at night when she could cook dinner for her and put her to sleep.

yes, she felt lonely all the time but Althea never blamed her mother for not being around for her like most of the mother's she knew that she doing it for her. Althea was in the garden watching the beautiful view of cherry blossoms she was sitting on one of the garden chairs. Althea is a morning person she doesn't like staying up late she likes to wake up early in the morning that doesn't mean that she isn't like the other girls who like to watch the moon and the star's in the sky at night but she does it rarely.

" I see that you are enjoying the weather " Hana came and sit beside her

" yes it's very nice weather, " Althea said as she was looking at the flowers

" how is your mother, " Hana asked

" she is doing good. I visited her last week " as she spoke she looked up and saw the library window's open he must be awake Hana followed Althea sight

" Lord Kaname must be awake, " Hana said

" yes. his waking up early these days " Althea stood up from her place " I have to go now. I will see at dinner time "

" aren't having lunch today " Hana was concerned about her friend

" no. I have to go somewhere today. " seeing her friend became Worried she added " don't worry everything is okay "

" alright. see you at dinner " Hana said to her

Althea want inside the mansion and Headed to the Lord quarters by the time she was done with cleaning it was already afternoon closing the room behind her she walked to the library and knocked gently on the door when she heard her permission to enter she pushed the door open and entered

" good afternoon my Lord " she bowed respectfully

lifting his head looking at her he smiled and said " good afternoon Althea. how are you today " he asked

" I'm good my Lord thank you. I came to ask you for permission to leave for two hours. I have something important to do " clenching her hands together as she asked him she was afraid that he might not approve

" you can take the whole day if you need " he replayed with a calm tone

" thank you, Lord Kaname. I only need two hours " she was relieved that he didn't refuse she bowed and left

at dinner time Althea was long back she ate her dinner and went to her room to sleep.


a year passed since she came to work at the mansion to Althea it's the best work she had the Lord doesn't stay that much or needs a lot of things to do for him but she noticed that he always alone most of the time.

Althea was in the library doing her work while the Lord doing his pepper work now she is used to him staying while she is working and he didn't mind it.

from where he was sitting he could see her back as she is working in the past few months the Lord has noticed many things about her she's very quite easily get alerted

and after the information that he found out about her, he started to be a bit gentle with her after all the poor girl at such young age his seen the ugly side of life.

the Lord noticed that he was enjoying her presence in the past few months he would watch how her attention would be caught by the books titles and she would take the book and start to read it then she remembers that she isn't alone and put back the book like she never touched it and how she moved around without disturbing him.

Slowly without noticing she was entering his heart.


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