healing heart
13 Foreign feelings
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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13 Foreign feelings

she felt a pair of eyes watching her. it made her nervous she tried to focus on her work so she can leave the atmosphere is getting uncomfortable for her. she noticed that in the past few months the Lord started to treat her differently more gently. he never did anything wrong or bad but it's still didn't make any sense to her. if he knew her true identity or he already knew shouldn't he treats her as a threat unless he has some hidden purpose behind this sudden change.

from the corner of her eye she saw him holding a book reading it. " if he wants to read why don't he go to his room " she thought to herself.

" is something the matter? " she stopped what she was doing when she heard him ask

finding some courage she looked at him and answered " no my Lord. why would it be " she smiled slightly did he read my thoughts she was so doomed

his lips format into a warm smile as he looked at her without saying anything he stood up from his seat and left.

blinking a few times it took Althea a few seconds release what happened did he just smiled and left this is not like she heard shaking her head she continued her work


A week later it was one of the regular morning's for Althea she woke up early as usual and got herself ready for the day. when she exited her room she found Hana leaning against the door room that was opposite to her room is she ear dropping.

she knew that this woman is crazy but not to that degree blinking a few times she approached her quietly before she says anything Hana signaled her to keep quiet and listen

"are you sure that no one will find out " Althea heard a girl asking

" yes. she paid us already we can't say no now. now do as I told you. even if someone will come to search in here they won't find anything "

" let's go. quickly " Hana whispered to Althea when they went to the kitchen Hana explained to Althea that she saw one of the vampire maids coming to the room that they were listening in earlier

" so that's why I did what you saw. they must be planning for something " Hana looked at her friend who seems to be confused

" but we don't know the plan is against who. and we can't do anything so let's have our breakfast and forget what we heard " Althea pushed Hana towards the table and they sit together when Althea started to drink her milk she noticed that Hana is looking at her

" eat your breakfast, " Althea said with firm tone giving up Hana started to eat holding herself Althea tried to not laugh at this woman who was acting like a little girl.


the day went by like every day at the mansion everyone doing their work looking outside the window the pureblood king eyes was looking at the female who was sitting at the guardian chair

every day at the sunset she comes and sits alone here and he would watch her until goes inside she looked young, very beautiful her blue eyes staring at the flowers ahead of her

sometimes one of the maids come and sit with her and they would talk about their day's events he would watch her reactions how she would smile she or frown or get confused.

these days he would find himself thinking of her some night's he even couldn't sleep. these feelings were foreign for him but it brings some kind warm feeling in his chest.


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