healing heart
14 Full of mysterious
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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14 Full of mysterious

it was ten at night Althea was about to go to the bad when she heard someone knocking on the door going to see who is it she found out that it's one of the maids

" I'm sorry to disturb you at this time of night. Lord Kaname is requested you to come to the library " the girl left after she informed her.

closing the door she started to change her clothes Althea knew that something wrong is going on or why would he ask for her at this time preparing herself for the worse

she went to the library knocking on the door a few times she pushed the doors open and went inside when she entered she saw lady Chou and another two maids and the Lord who was sitting on the chair and his follower Seiren

" good evening Lord Kaname " she bowed to him

" good evening Althea, you must be wondering why I brought you here at this time of night " he signaled to the old lady to explain the situation

the old lady went to where Althea was standing and spoke gently to her " Althea. my dear these two maids said that you stole something from them. is it true? " the lady spoke with anxiety if these two girls are laying then they are about to face Althea ugly temper she only hoped that she wouldn't do anything in front of the Lord

Althea looked at the two girls that were standing a front of her she raised her eyes brow and asked " and what is the thing that I stole from you " she spoke with a deep terrifying tone as she looked at them

even the Lord was impressed after his friend told him about what happened at the dinner that day he really wanted to see with his own eyes

" a golden necklace " one of the girls spoke

" and do you have a proof that it was me who did it " Althea spoke with the same tone

the Lord noticed that there wasn't a change in her heart beats she wasn't lying he conclude

the two girls looked at each other and one of them spoke " I saw you when you went out of my room "

" then my room must be searched. " she looked at the Lord when she spoke

" Seiren take two of the guards and look for the necklace in Althea room, " the Lord said

she carried out the orders immediately after about fifteen minutes Seiren came back " we searched everywhere but we found nothing my Lord " she said after Althea heard what Seiren said she spoke

" Lord Kaname. these two must be searched " the Lord looked at her. he didn't object he signaled to Seiren to search them

the two girls looked at each other not knowing what to do that knew if the Lord found out that they were lying they are doomed

searching the first one Seiren didn't find anything she went to the other maid when she put her hand In her uniform pocket she found something getting it out it was the necklace that they claimed Althea stole it

after seeing the necklace Althea smiled she stood in front of the girl the one who said that she saw her walking out of her room she slapped her on her face so hard that the girl fall backward

" don't you ever accuse me with something again, "she said

lady Choy gulp a mouthful of water after what she saw she knew it that she to lose her temper

as for the Lord he was amused and shocked as the old lady but as always nothing showed up on his face he

fought the urge to laugh not many people could do that this girl is really full of mysterious.


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