healing heart
15 Full of mysterious part 2
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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15 Full of mysterious part 2

the Lord ordered Seiren to deal with the two maids and dismissed everyone accept for Althea who asked her to stay lady Chou was so worried about her she was afraid that he will fire her or punish her here mind was filled with bad thoughts she couldn't go to sleep she will stay up until she sees her and know what happened


at the library

Althea was looking everywhere except for the Lord who was sitting in front of her she was very embarrassed she promised him that she won't do it again but she did it

sensing her discomfort the Lord spoke " please sit Althea. I'm not going to do anything. don't be afraid " his voice became more gentle towards the end of the sentence

hearing him saying these words Althea was a bit relaxed she went to the chair that was placed across the Lord she sit down not looking up she put her hands at her lap anxiety was written all over her face

"Althea " the Lord called her

she looked up and answered " yes my Lord "

the reason why that the Lord asked her to stay is to know how she did now that the girl was hiding the necklace " can you tell me how did you know where the necklace is Althea "

her ears didn't miss the unusual gentle tone that he spoke with it for the second time now looking up her eyes met his she spoke " I don't know how I'm going to explain this but I hope you don't misunderstand me "

she was scared of him he could tell by the way her heart beating but he didn't do anything to give her this impression

" you can with whatever you feel comfortable with " his tone was much gentler than before

seeing that he wasn't angry she explained the whole situation from the beginning to the end he didn't react only nodding his head for her to continue he noticed how she tagged her hair behind her ear when she gets nervous how her cheeks turning red from the embarrassed looking at her lips her lips were full they had a light pink color they looked very kissable he didn't let her notice anything so she wouldn't feel scared of him

" listen, Althea, this time nothing happened that doesn't mean that won't be next. so what I'm telling you is if anything like this happens in the future come and tell me do you understand? " he told her not missing the look of confusion on her face

" y yes my Lord I understand " watching him standing from his place so she stood up too

he walked to where she was standing not being too close because he knows that she will be scared he spoke to her " you can go now, Althea. good night "

" good night my Lord and thank you " she bowed and left

walking to the window he looked at the dark sky full of stars he smiled to himself watching her slapping the maid was really something and watching her regretting doing it in front of him that was much amusing

remembering the way her eyes looked at him and the way her lips moved when she was talking and how beautiful her voice was to his ears he felt really aroused and that is something he never felt only her made him feel that way.


when Althea went downstairs she found that lady Chou is standing at the end of the stairs when the old lady saw her she immediately went to her " Althea what happened? " the old lady asked her

Althea smiled to her and said " don't worry nothing happened. come let's speak in my room " she took the old lady hand and went to her room.


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