healing heart
16 Changing atmosphere
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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16 Changing atmosphere

about an hour later after Althea told lady Chou everything that happened with the Lord the old lady was relieved when lady Chou left Althea to sleep it was one am covering herself with the blanket and closing her eyes she tried to sleep but she couldn't she kept on remembering what happened and how the Lord didn't punish her what made her confused the way he spoke with her why the sudden change its been a year since she came here she never saw him speak to any of the maids or anyone or maybe she was thinking about it too much she shook her head and closed her eyes she was so tried from this night events.


in the next days Althea kept herself in control she promised lady Chou that she will not repeat what she did the other day especially in front of Lord so she stayed away from troubles Althea was never a person who follows troubles but it seems that troubles always find her. she remembered lady Chou question the other night she asked her what made her change like this she didn't answer as always it's not the first she asked her what she can tell her that she was raped and burned Althea always felt that she was the reason for what happened to her if she was more careful something disgraceful like this wouldn't have happened to her.

Althea was in the kitchen preparing the Lord breakfast for today he was leaving early as she was putting the food in the tray lady Chou came to her and give her a pepper written in it some Ingredients she needed for today and the old lady didn't have the time to go out and get them so she asked her to go with Hana and get them.

knocking on the Lord bedroom door she pushed the door open and walked inside she put the tray on the table she looked at the bathroom door it was closed maybe he is taking a bath she mumbled to herself

pouring the tea in the cup she heard the door of the bathroom opening looking at the Lord he was taking a bath thank god he came out fully dressed or else she will be very embarrassed

" good morning Lord Kaname " she bowed to him " your breakfast is ready " she didn't look at him think that he might misunderstand her she was in his room and he just came out of the bathroom so it didn't look quite right to her

while he at the other hand didn't move his eyes off her observed how she was looking everywhere but him he didn't want her to feel uncomfortable either so he acted like he didn't notice anything " good morning Althea. how are you today? " he asked her as sit on the chair and started to eat

" I'm good thank you Lord kaname. do you need anything else before I go " when he heard this has face expression became drake she noticed the change too the atmosphere in the right become very cold did she said anything wrong now

" are you going out, " he asked with a firm tone

she gulped and answered " yes my Lord. lady Chou sent me and Hana to buy something's she needs for the kitchen "

he didn't say anything for a few moments well moments for him for it seemed like hours he nodded his head and " be careful "

he spoke with a gentle tone unlike the one he spoke with minutes earlier " yes my Lord I will be very careful " she spoke the words quickly and left.

the pureblood looked at the door after she left he was in deep thought he was thinking that he must put someone to look after her to keep her safe when he isn't around her and what could it be better than his wolf familiar.
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    《healing heart》