healing heart
17 In His Arms
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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17 In His Arms

Althea was waiting for Hana outside the mansion Althea was getting annoyed what took this woman too long when she thought that this going to take forever finely Hana appeared after fifteen minutes they arrived at the market they bought all the Ingredients.

Hana bought something's for her kids and they strolled around the shops Althea couldn't stop laughing at her friend whenever she saw something from outside the shops she would run like a little kid and the people who pass by they would stare at them you can't blame them how you would your reaction be when you see a growing women act like child.

after they were done it was non already they took the woods way to get to the mansion it's a short cut and they would get there faster

when they went back they found lady Chou waiting for them she scolded them for being late and she punished the two of them by cleaning the whole mansion floor Althea was so angry with her friend that she didn't speak to her all day long but at night Hana came to Althea room and apologized to her Althea accepted it but she told Hana that she will never go out with her ever again.


Althea woke up from a nightmare the same as the three years that passed looking at the time it was four in the morning

she got off the bed and went to the bathroom filling the tube with water she took off her nightgown and went inside the tube a few minutes later nothing changed her body still stiffened this going to be a long day Althea thought in her mind


the Lord was drying his hair when Althea knocked on the door of course he sensed her before she knocked after she entered she greeted him as usual and brought his breakfast but something about her seemed off today she looked sad and depressed he wanted to ask her what's wrong but it didn't seem right and left hurriedly.

it was really one of the bad days for sure Althea thought as was walking to the library just when was about to go to her room to rest a bit the old lady reminded her that today is the cleaning day for the library

the Lord was watching her she looked very low today he wasn't used to her to be like this and now she was struggling to put back one of the books set she cleaned

at first, he didn't want to interfere but he couldn't take it anymore he stood up from his place and want to where she is he was standing behind her extending his long arm's to help her he took the books from her

Althea panicked her back was pressed to his chest she tried to move away but he was right behind her heart was pounding so fast in her chest " l Lord Kaname could you please move away " anxiety was clearly heard in her voice

when he heard what she said he moved a few inches from her when he was away she looked at him and said " excuse me my Lord I need to go" as she was about to walk passe him he grabbed her wrist to stop

she looked at the hand that was grabbing her wrist she panicked he moved closer to her she wanted to step back but he was holding her hand he noticed that she was trembling and breathing heavily

Althea are you afraid of me " he asked but she still didn't answer

" please let go my hand " her voice sounded like she was crying her body was trembling

he made her lift her face with his other hand looking at her eyes they were full of tears she didn't look at him she kept her eyes on the ground

" please let me go " her voice was hoarse like she was about to fall apart

he understood what's happening with her she was having a panic attack when he let go of her hand he spoke to her with gentle tone " I won't do anything to Althea relax okay. take a deep breath "

he led her to the couch and sit her on it he walked to the window opening it then he brought her a glass of water he sit beside her and handed it to her

the glass slipped from her hand and landed on the Althea couldn't hold back anymore she covered her face with her hands and start to crying loudly

seeing this the Lord took her in his arms rubbing her back in a soothing manner she sobbed in his chest loudly he didn't say anything he knew why she was crying he let her cry in his arms


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