healing heart
18 I Would Never Hurt You
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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18 I Would Never Hurt You

Althea cried for about five minutes in his arms the pureblood king didn't mind it at all he continued on consoling her rubbing her back and petting her head he knew that words won't do anything at this moment but crying will make her feel better.

judging by how she broke down so easily he was positive that she didn't tell anyone about what happened to her she suffered alone in this three years the pureblood king managed to know everything about her but one thing he couldn't manage to know who is the man who did this to her only she can tell him but in the current situation he can't speak to her about it

when Althea stopped crying and got back to her senses she realized what she has done she cried in the Lord army and dirtied his shirt she stood up immediately bowing to him and apologizing "I I I'm sorry my Lord I "

she didn't continue her words as he grabbed her hand and made sit again " nothing happened so don't worry " his tone was so gentle and warm that made Althea feel some kind sting in her heart.

she blinked a few times at the man before her and then she spoke with her head down " I'm sorry my Lord it's just that I have been very tired today and thank you so much for understanding "

the Lord took her right hand between his hands massaging it this time she didn't panicked but was a bit taken back by the actions he smiled at her facial expressions " when you are around me don't feel scared I would never hurt you so no need to get panicked in the future "

every word he spoke made her heart skip a beat she felt good in a strange way she pulled back her hand and pick up the glass from the ground the glass didn't break but the water spilled on the carpet

she was about to speak when the Lord spoke before her " you can take the rest of the to rest

" thank you my Lord " she bowed and left

she went straight to her room when she entered she lucked the door and throw herself on the bed she didn't have time to think about anything once she closed her eyes sleep overtook her.

the Lord didn't move from his position he only landed his back on the chair when he took her in his arms he didn't plan to it but when he saw her tears and heard her voice he couldn't control himself he pulled her in his chest she was small compared to him but he loved the feeling of her in his embrace her scent was all over him he wanted to hold her tightly in his arms but she was so fragile, easy to break

he remembered what Takuma told him about how she spends all of her time on work to help her mother and how after what happened she stayed away for six months no one knew anything about her except that she was sending letters to her mother and lady Chou

the family that owned the bakery told Takuma that they found her laying on the ground tied up the old female told him that she sexually assaulted it was clear by the mass that was in the kitchen and they offered to take her to the hospital but she refused and she left but they didn't know you where she went.

but Takuma managed to know that she stayed in her friend house for the recovery her friend was a doctor she treat her in that period they were childhood friends. she suffered a lot on her own her heart is broke

Will, he would be able to repair it.
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    《healing heart》