healing heart
19 I Would Never Hurt You part 2
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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19 I Would Never Hurt You part 2

when Althea woke up it was 8 in the morning looking at the clock she got off the bed hurriedly washing her face and teeth and changing her clothe quickly and left her room luckily

the Lord didn't wake up early today.

after she had her breakfast she didn't have something to do so she helped the old in the kitchen to prepare the food Althea loved too cook since she was a little child her mother wasn't good at cooking the one who taught her how to cook was lady Chou she only taught her the basics later on Althea became very expert at cooking especially at dissertation dishes that's why she asked her to prepare the dessert the last

time for today Althea is making a strawberry and apple pies her favorite is the Apple pie her mother loves it too she always asking her to make one for her when she comes to visit her

the aroma in the kitchen was so delicious even the human maids can smell it


the first thing that the Lord strong senses picked up was the sweet aroma that was coming from the kitchen, of course, the Lord had eaten all the sorts of the fancy food there was nothing new to him. the Lord got off the bed making his way toward the bathroom room.

Althea was very busy today in the kitchen so she brought the food to the Lord bedroom and left when the Lord was out from the bathroom he found the food tray but Althea wasn't

in the past year he got used to finding her in the room after his bath it became one of the things that would light up his day but today she wasn't here the Lord looked at the food and wondered what she is doing but he is not going out today so he will wait patiently to see her.

Althea went to her room to change her clothe after that she needs to go to do her daily task which is cleaning the Lord quarters remembering what happened yesterday she felt really ashamed of herself thinking that the Lord would do something to her how could she do that cry like a baby and that too in his arms but what surprised her the most is how he treated her

It's not the first time she has a panic attack it would be worse than the one she had yesterday he knew how to handle the situation when he took her in his arms she felt safe and let all her guard down she never ones felt this safe since three years ago he is has a kind heart like lady Chou told Althea.


knocked on the library doors a few times when she got her permission she went inside the Lord was sitting behind his desk reading some papers she was still very embarrassed getting herself together she spoke

" good evening Lord Kaname " and bowed the Lord lifted his head and looked at her direction

" good evening. how are you today? " he asked her

God did he really had to ask she spoke in her mind " yes. thank you, my Lord " her cheeks becoming very red from embarrassment

" that's good to hear, " the Lord said

" do you need anything from me " she tried to change the subject before so he wouldn't ask her anything farther

" come here. have sit " he signaled to her to take the chair beside the desk Althea didn't say anything she sit on the chair obediently she felt the Lord gaze on her she felt every passing second like an hour


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