healing heart
20 Gentle Sun Shine rays
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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20 Gentle Sun Shine rays

the Lord high senses picked up her racing heartbeats she would look everywhere in the room but him he kinda like it how she would get nervous around him he noticed that her hair that was always tied up today was braided

it showed the length of her hair which was to her waist and it had very beautiful color he wondered how it would feel to run his fingers through her hair. from the position she was sitting with he could see the scar on her neck the rest was covered with the clothes she was wearing.

Althea was getting nervous his intense gaze was making her uncomfortable the Lord noticed that so he spoke " Althea "

upon hearing her name she subconsciously looked at home " I want to ask you about your mother. how is she doing? " for a second Althea froze why is he asking about her mother she tried to not get nervous as she spoke " she is doing fine. thank you for asking. but may I ask why are you asking my Lord? "

Althea couldn't help but ask if he knew who her mother is he may be a threat to them thinking of that made her feel scared " I won't harm you or your mother Althea so don't be worried. " he spoke to her with gentle tone to make her feel at ease

and added " Lady Chou told me that you want to take permission to leave the mansion for a week to stay with your mother " his gaze was soft as he spoke to her.

oh so that's why he was asking I have thought wrongly she mumbled in her mind "yes. I know that it's the second time I ask to leave the mansion. but I promise that it the last time " she was looking at her lap when she spoke she was very embarrassed to ask for the second time but she needs to go, her mother asked her to come and visit her she told that she missed her and wanted to see her and it's been too long since she visited her she hoped that the Lord won't reject her request.

seeing her sad like that the Lord wanted to hold in his arms to assure that that it's alright and she can ask whatever she wanted. " yes. you can leave. and if you need something you can inform me " the Lord stood up from his place and seeing this she too stood up too

the Lord walked towards her and stopped right in front of extending his hand he was holding a white envelope she looked at the envelope then at him again " take it " he spoke with a firm tone

Althea blinked a few times before she took it opening it she found an amount of money in it seeing this Althea frowned and handed it back to him then she spoke " thank you, Lord Kaname. but I don't take alms. if there isn't anything else I should take my leave "

she felt offended she is not some homeless who Is asking for money without working to earn it the

Lord was surprised and that was rarely to happen " I apologize if I offend you somehow. " he spoke

Althea smiled slightly and said " it's alright. no harm was done, my Lord. good night " she replied to him

the Lord only nodded at her " good night " watching her leaving the Lord felt like he was empty it was odd to him how he would feel some kind warmth envelop him whenever she is around she was like gentle sunshine rays that in a cold winter day.
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    《healing heart》