healing heart
21 Sometimes Behind The Grass
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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21 Sometimes Behind The Grass

Althea went to the bedroom to clean it when she left the library she was angry but she didn't show it how she could do that his the vampires king " king my a... " she cursed in her mind as she entered the room

if she wasn't working for him she would slap him thinking of this she laughed to her self imagining it that would be something she shocked her and started to clean still laughing secretly looking at the door every ones in a while.


the next week Althea left the mansion to go and visit her mother she went to visit her mother many times before but this time was different lady Chou asked her many times if she needs anything before she left and Althea kept on repeating the same words that she is fine and didn't need anything

what was really wired the Lord behavior in the last two days whenever she came to the room or the library he would not stop gazing at her and the weirdest thing was that he asked her for no reason to leave everything and go to her room and sleep

Althea didn't know how to describe this is it sympathy or that he lived for too long that he starts to lose his mind she was taking the woods way to their house she always liked walking around here it felt peaceful and mind relaxing the shade of the trees protected her from the summer sunlight and the quiet yet relaxing breeze of the summer was more than she needed

as she was walking she heard something she stopped and looked behind her but nothing was there and then she heard something moving from behind the grass she panicked she looked around he for something to protect her self with

picking up a wooden stick she said a pair of red eyes looking at her she squeezed her eyes to see what is that and a wolf came out of the shadows her eyes become wide open upon seeing it Althea didn't know what to feel as her body become numb and her legs felt like were glued to the ground holding the stick tightly she tried to calm herself but her body was trembling badly

the wolf looked at her direction for a few minutes then he walked towards her seeing this Althea took a step backward the wolf advanced slowly towards her Althea gulped down her saliva and looked at the wolf who is walking towards her

the wolf continued walking until he was right in front of her he sit on the ground like an obedient pet tilted his head and looked at her Althea looked down at the wolf subconsciously she spoke " aren't you supposed to eat me "

the wolf kept on looking her Althea looked around her and mumbled to herself " great I'm talking to animals now "

the wolf rubbed his head on her legs Althea was startled by this action she falt on the ground " oh it hurts " she rubbed her butt and looked at the wolf for some reason she didn't become afraid of him

the wolf came closer to her and licked her face it tickled her she laughed out loud the wolf took a step backward and looked at her

Althea extended her hand to touch him ones she did it the wolf leaned to her touch his fur was so soft she rubbed his head a few times and he seems to be enjoying the treatment his fur was dark black and his eyes were blood red color Althea noticed

it was the first time she sees a wolf and such cute one she thought as she kept rubbing his head.


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