healing heart
22 Hiding The Wolf
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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22 Hiding The Wolf

Althea didn't know how much time passed but she was sure that if she didn't hurry up she will be late for her mother looking at the beautiful creature that was resting his head on her lap she chuckled to herself what a weird coincidence

she stroked his back gently for a couple of times before she stood up sensing her movement the wolf lifted his head and looked at her " oh... don't look at me like this I have to go " she felt bad for him to leave him alone but she can't stay either or take him with her people will freak out if they saw something like this

Althea rubbed her face hopelessly and gazed at the wolf she couldn't take it anymore " alright you are coming with me. but you have to do as I say " the wolf seemed to understand her as he let out a sound like was satisfied with her decision

getting up at her feet she dusted her clothes she started to walk and the wolf walking behind her as they were walking Althea looked at him every ones in while. as they about to rich her home Althea instruct the wolf to wait for her were they stopped she walked to her house and looked around the road to see if the neighbors were outside but it looked like no one was there she went behind the house and opened the door for the storage room and went to were she left the wolf and signaled him to follow her without making any voice

as they riched the room Althea closed the door behind them and turned on the lights looking at the wolf she thought that maybe he's hungry now she bent over to his level and spoke with low voice " I need to go inside the house now be good and wait for my.i will bring you something to eat. " she rubbed his head and added "please don't let me regret it " and then she left him in the room and closed the door behind her.

the Lord was relieved when he saw that she opened up to the wolf it really amazed him how she was very brave and took him with her most of the people would be very scared to see it let alone touch it that girl was really interesting now he would be more at ease that his wolf familiar is with her and protecting her

he saw all her reaction when she saw it she wasn't like any other girl in her age though Althea was twenty-two years old she appears more mature in her way of talking and thinking but when you look at her features one could see that she is young and innocent but nothing escapes her knowledge

she has a charming beauty but very wise mind the more he learns new things about her the more he falls for her and he is not planning to stop it she was entering his heart as nothing did.

the Lord didn't know how to describe his feelings for the first time in all the decades that he lived is it possible that his heart had fallen in love after all this time as always the Lord didn't rush anything even for the matters of the heart he will wait patiently

most importantly will she fall for him.


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