healing heart
24 Hiding The Wolf part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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24 Hiding The Wolf part two

now it's been three days since Althea went to her home in this three days Althea and the wolf became friends after she went inside the house the first day she put him in the storage room she cooked a lot of dishes and for him she was confused should she give him the piece of meat raw or she should cook it but then you choose the second option she cooked it

after she feed her mother lunch and put her to sleep she brought the food to the wolf she found him laying on the floor after place plate on the ground she signaled him to eat he seemed to like it she sit beside him watching the wolf as he ate she laughed at herself who would give a wild animal a cooked meat but she didn't like the idea of giving him raw meat.

the wolf lifted his head looking at her after he finished his meal he took step closer to her she subconsciously stroked his head a few times before she spoke " you have to go now " standing up she went to the door to open it " come on no one will see you " but the wolf didn't move an inch instead he sit down

Althea didn't know to cry or laugh is this wolf really wants to stay here she closed the door and went to where he is and bent over to his level " what's the matter? " the wolf titled his head and give her that look but Althea wasn't convinced this time

" come on you have to go " as she finished this these words the wolf bounced on her started to lick all over her face she couldn't stop laughing as the wolf licks were tickling her " alright st... op " the wolf stopped and took a step backward

Althea took a deep breath and gazed the creature in front of her she was thinking how is going to keep him here and if kept him after a week she has to go back to the mansion and she can't leave him here while she is not she sighed not knowing what to do

" come here " she told him and the wolf didn't waste any second as he came to her she hugged him and rubbed his fur she was lost in thoughts what she is supposed to do with him she looked down at him the thought of leaving him to go back to the woods made her heart itch but then again he's a wild animal the woods she be his place but keeping him for one night won't do any harm right

she thought to her self hugging him tightly she spoke to him " if you want to stay here you need to follow my rules " the wolf lifted his head and looked at her as if he was agreeing with her

she continued with firm tone " rule number on do not lick my face at all for any reason okay rule number two if you want to get inside the house with me then you need to take a bath and never let my mother see you do understand " the wolf made a sound like he understood everything she said

Althea looked at him thinking whatever she was doing that right thing she always wanted to have a cat but now she has wolf a beautiful one she stood up and added " one more thing I can't always feed you meat I can't afford it, okay so you have to eat whatever I give you. now come with me it's time for your bath " she said it with a big smile on her face she didn't know why but he was making her happy somehow.


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