healing heart
25 Hiding The Wolf part three
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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25 Hiding The Wolf part three

today is the third night that Althea agreed to keep the wolf before she could bath the wolf on the first day after she opened the door for the storage room the wolf walked back towards the way of the woods again he took a few steps then stopped and turned around looking at her Althea was confused she looked at the sky and saw that the sun had begun to set which mean it's almost night and it's not safe to walk in the woods at this time but something told her to follow him

the wolf started to walk again after she followed him looking around Althea noticed that she never saw this side of the wood this side was darker and bigger trees and longer grass she looked at wolf how is suddenly stopped walking and sit beside one of the trees she looked around her again then at him again why did bring me here for she was very confused she went to where he is and sit beside him patting his head she spoke " why are we here hah, is this where you stay " the wolf nodded his head

Althea looked around smiling he was showing her where he is staying what a cute and clever creature she continued rubbing his head as she was looking the place seemed very quiet " let's go back " she stood up and let him take the lead the way back.

after they get back Althea and wolf went inside the house she checked on her mother first she found her asleep taking him to the bathroom she closed the door and bathed him because of his huge body she couldn't put him in the tube so she had to do it on the bathroom floor after she was done she put him in her room and closed the door looking at herself her clothes were sucking wet so she has to take a bath after she was done bathing she went to her room she forgot to take something to wear so she wrapped a towel around her body entering the room she found the wolf laying on the ground beside her bed

she sit on the bed taking the bottle of the nutritious ointment applying it on her burned skin because if she didn't the burning skin will scraping her the wolf the bed beside her seeing that Althea spoke " I thought you were sleeping, turn around I want to wear my clothe " she turned his head to the other side so she could wear her clothe after that she laid down on the bed and covered her body with the sheet and patted the empty space for him to take it that night Althea was so exhausted she fell asleep immediately as soon she closed her eyes

from that day Althea and the wolf became close friends they would eat together play together and watch the sunset together but Althea was afraid that her mother would see him and become scared then she would be in a big problem so she keep him outside the house when her mother is awake before Althea would stay alone after her mother go to sleep she can't blame her she was sick but these days she has company

after she gives her mother her medication and stayed beside her until she fall asleep she left the room closing the door behind her she went outside the house heading towards the storage room she went inside and sit beside the wolf " come here " and the wolf came obediently

hugging him she spoke " tomorrow I have to go back and you know I can't take you with me but I will find out a way to say you " kissing his head she hugged him tightly.


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