healing heart
26 What are you doing to my hear
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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26 What are you doing to my hear

Althea went back to the mansion after she stayed with her mother for a whole week it was a pleasant time for her Althea wished that she didn't have to work so she can stay with her mother all the time and of course on her way back the wolf walked along with her all the way after she reached near the mansion she paid him goodbye she didn't know if she could see him again but it was good times they had together

she arrived early in the morning before even the Lord wake up and most of the servants wake up she found lady Chou in the kitchen in the past week the old lady missed Althea too much she got used to her being around her in the past year it wasn't new that old always concerned her as her own daughter upon seeing her the old lady was so happy they made breakfast to everyone after that she took the Lord food and went to his quarters

reaching the room she knocked a few times hearing her permission to enter she opened the door gently placing the tray on the table she bowed to him and greeted him " good morning my Lord "

Althea didn't notice the Lord gaze that was following her from the moment she stepped in hearing her alluring voice he walked closer to her " good morning Althea. " seeing him this close to her she lifted her head subconsciously looking at his face he had a gentle look on his face

as he looked at her the Lord placed his hand on her right cheek softly touching it Althea was shocked by his this act her heart beats quickened before she could think of anything the Lord removed his hand and said " well come back. I hope that everything is alright with your mother "

Althea was lost in thinking about what just happened but she managed to hear what he said " yes. thank you, Lord Kaname " the Lord looked at her burning cheeks her face turning red by every passing moment after he sit on the chair she started pouring his tee and handing the cup to him gazing at her beautiful features she was a bit angry

the Lord didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable around him so he spoke " Thank you, Althea. you can leave now " hearing this she bowed to him and left immediately the Lord looked at the hand that touched her cheek with he smiled to himself he didn't mean to do that but when he heard her voice something in his heart couldn't resist touching her he controlled his self to not take her in his arms

her scent enveloped his senses warming his empty chest and the way she was pronouncing his name with made him want to hear it again he did send his wolf familiar to protect her in the last week and yes he could see and hear her but he wanted more to be beside him every day he was falling for her with every passing day " what are you doing to my heart " the words escape his lips with a long sigh.

when Althea left the Lord room she so angry she kept on saying bad words about the Lord in her mind did he think that I'm his slave or his personal pet animal this old crazy pureblood she kept on going on her mind until she calmed down the image of him touching her face flashed in her mind she felt the heat rising to her face she covered her face with her hands


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