healing heart
27 Remedy that healed his hear
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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27 Remedy that healed his hear

still not recovered from what happened Althea went to the guardian to breathe some fresh air she sit on the chair looking at the beautiful flowers that ahead of her she began to feel better in the past year Althea started to take care of the guardian watering it and she planted new flowers in the guardian looking at her work she felt good simple things like gazing at the flowers or reading a book can make her feel better and forget about all her problems looking up she saw the window of Lord room is open now taking a deep breath she got up to do her work.


in the library

in the past year the Lord best friend Takuma Ichijo noticed some changes in the Lord behavior especially in the presence of that girl Althea he would appear more gentle and his gaze would follow every single movement that she does he would find him watching her as she stays at the guardian for a hours and in the past week his friend temper was something best not to play with at the Senate meetings the Lord wasn't at his usual self at all if one of the senate members argue him too much with anything a window glass or something in the world break

unlike today the Lord seemed to be more relaxed and at ease this are all signs for one thing but it can't be but if it's true he will support him after all the Lord stayed alone for years but what concerned him the most is the girl identity as far as he knows her father wants her dead and he observed the girl behavior around the Lord she didn't seem to have the same feelings and what if she never did this could end badly Takuma only hope was that with time everything will be better.


days went by and every day was the same routine inside the mansion but what was new that Althea would sneak out of the mansion to go find the wolf and bring him some food she stays with him until he finishes the all the food rubbing his head or hugging him then she head back but she didn't do it every day or else she would be discovered of course the Lord could see that even if he is not at the mansion one time his friend Takuma found him smiling he was shocked that he couldn't help but ask him only for the Lord to node his head and say that he is alright.

that day when the Lord came back to the mansion it was late at night only the vampire maids are awake now but he wanted to say that face and is sleeping now he didn't see her in the morning because he was out before she wakes up taking off his coat the Lord walked to the window he tried to calm himself that he would see her tomorrow morning but she became like remedy that healed his heart a daily need for him

with his powers the Lord was standing in her room in a seconds taking his steps closer to the bed his eyes fall on the beautiful figure that was sleeping soundly she was lying on her back her long hair was spread on the pillow and her eyes closed making her eyelashes almost reaching to her cheeks moving moving to her lips they looked full with light pink color coloring them lowering himself over her to take a closer look at her the scent that was on her body was fresh she must have bathed before she gone to bed her breath was touching his face softly now that he was so close to her coming here was mistake the Lord thought kissing her forehead gently he stood up and left.


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