healing heart
28 Remedy that healed his heart part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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28 Remedy that healed his heart part two

when the Lord was about to leave the room he heard her mumbling something in her sleep he walked back to where he was he sit on the edge of the bed the room was dark but his vampire eyes could see her clearly

her breath quickened and her heart beats became faster as she was repeating the same words her eyes knotted together she is having a nightmare the Lord concluded putting a hand under her head he used his powers to make her sleep deeply after a few seconds Althea face relaxed and her breath went back to normal the Lord removed his hand gently from under her head so he won't wake her kissing her temple he left.

the next day when Althea woke up she felt so good like she didn't sleep for a long time like this come to think about it she hadn't because either she would have a bad dream or she couldn't fall asleep but today she felt really good

for today the Lord left very early in the morning so she had to finish cleaning quickly because he maybe be back at any time after the room she cleaned the library taking one last look before she leave everything was perfect when she opened the door to exit the room she saw the Lord coming to the direction of the library she immediately bowed and greeted him " good evening my Lord "

the Lord smiled and replied " good evening. could you please tell lady Chou to come to the library " his tone was so soft as he spoke to her she felt like a child when he spoke to her like this Althea thought. she nodded her head and left to call the old lady after she informed lady Chou she went to her room

sitting on the bed she untied her hair to have a long hair and tied up all day long is really painful she really wanted to cut it but her mother asked her not to to saying that it's west for it's beauty Althea had long hair that reached to her waist when it's let down you could see the soft big wives that it had as she was massaging her head her eyes landed on her pillow she saw a rose a blue one reaching out to hold it she looked at it in fear

how it came in here placing it back on the pillow Althea stood up searching the room she didn't find anyone or anything going back to bed she looked at the rose again in wonder she to it and throw it in the trash basket changing in her nightgown she went to sleep.

reading the Senate letters the Lord was sitting on the sofa inside the library it was 4 in the morning and he is still awake being the vampire king was a very hard thing but for tonight the Lord mind was elsewhere the Lord is collecting information about Althea father, of course, her father is an old pureblood vampire and his only child was Althea the reason why he wanted to kill her when unknown even though she wasn't born as a vampire but a human because Althea was born very early before even her powers can form that's why even if she is the daughter of pure blood her aura is very humanly but she inherited her father family features her eyes color and her hair are very similar to her father

from what the Lord discovered that her father tried to kill them both the mother and Althea when she was a child by burning their house while they were sleeping luckily they survived.
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    《healing heart》