healing heart
29 You already know who I am
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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29 You already know who I am

summer is over bringing the Autumn days the leaves are changing color, the days are getting shorter, there's a nip in the air Althea was on her way back to the mansion after visiting her mother her. her mother condition wasn't good for to the past four days after long four nights her condition seem to be improved Althea was so worried but the doctor told her to not to but how she could when she was informed about her mother sickness she felt so afraid of losing her in front of her mother she acted strong and not afraid but no one knows or felt the fear that she felt

when her mother fall asleep Althea go back to her room trying to sleep but she stay up spending the whole night crying she was scared of losing her mother and what worried Althea now that she can't afford her mother medical needs all what she had saved in the past year and a half she spend it in the last days Althea was desperate lost she didn't care about how much time she needs to work the most important thing for her was what she could do to earn more

looking ahead of her she saw the mansion gates going inside she saw the old lady waiting for her after the old lady heard about her mother health improvement she was very happy she was worried about Althea she looked very tired the poor thing didn't sleep much in the past days the Lord told her to stay with her mother until she gets better but she refused and asked to just stay in the night and go back to her work at morning the Lord wasn't happy about it seeing her tearing herself like that but whatever he did to help her she refuse

opening the door to the library the Lord walked inside to be welcomed with the most beautiful sight Althea was sleeping on the sofa she didn't mean to sleep here but when she felt that she was very tired she sit on the sofa to take a short rest only for her to fall asleep

making his way towards the sofa he sat beside her quietly looking at her she looked very tired going to his room he brought a blanket covering her with he wanted to take her to his room to sleep on the bed it will be more comfortable but he didn't want to risk waking her the Lord continued signing the papers while she was sleeping looking at her from time to time

an hour later Althea opened her eyes to find the Lord sitting behind his desk her eyes widen in shock realizing that she where she slept " your awake " came a deep voice

Althea stood up immediately " I'm sorry I " she didn't know what to say

" it's okay you were tired " the Lord was now standing in front of her reaching his hand to touch her face Althea saw this she took step back

looking straight into his eyes she spoke " forgive me Lord Kaname but I have noticed some odd behavior that I consider it a bit intimate "

she took a deep breath before she continued " Lord Kaname I'm sure that you already know how I am so I don't know what you are doing mean but I would appreciate it if you treat just as a servant and nothing more. good night my Lord " she left before giving him the chance to say anything she knew that standing against him was something she can afford but she can't tolerate it anymore.
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    《healing heart》