healing heart
30 Pure diamond like locks
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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30 Pure diamond like locks

the Lord wasn't that surprised he knew that she didn't have any feeling for him or anyone in her life her only care was her mother and nothing else but surrendering was never the Lord nature he will give her space for the time being and in the right time he will steal her heart like she took his but the Lord had to admit it she looked even more captivating when she was angry his desire for her increasing by every passing day.


it's been a week and Althea mother health has improved very much now she is eating better than the last a few days when she was hardly could eat a full meal Althea was very glad she lived a terrible experience but now everything is getting better the only thing she needs to do is focusing on her work so she could pay her debate for the old lady yesterday she asked lady Chou for a huge amount of money the old lady didn't refuse but it wasn't her give the money for Althea it was the Lord but he asked the old lady to not let her know about it

now the old lady had noted the growing attention that the Lord has for Althea, for now, she is not going to Interfere with or say anything about it but she knew that the Lord would never harm Althea or do anything bad for her but of the Lord had already fallen for Althea knowing the young girl personality and her way of thinking should would never approve it the old lady decided to let things for the time, time is capable of solving everything.


he was watching her watching everything she did she was very tired but she wasn't going to give up and take the rest of the day to rest she is a human so eventually she will collapse these days the Lord was making her do as she pleased he could see her rubbing her head from time to time of course due to the sleep lacking a headache is very normal

Althea was feeling very dazey she could barely keep her eyes open and a top of that her head was hurting very badly feeling a strong arm's on her back and under her knees suddenly she wasn't standing on the ground looking up she was facing the Lord gentle yet a playful smile she was about to say something when the Lord placed a finger on her lips as if telling her not to say anything walking to the sofa he sit down with her in his arms now she was sitting on his lap a hand supporting her back and the other went to the back of her head " does it hurt " with very deep gentle voice he asked her

Althea was very shocked to answer but she subconsciously nodded with a widening eyes she wasn't afraid but very shocked " relax your body this will not hurt " he spoke to her as she felt him place his hand at the back of her head massaging it at the beginning only to be replaced with a tingling yet warm feeling her eyes lowering them self subconsciously the pain she was feeling had begun to subside like there was nothing feeling his warm hand on the side of her face her eyes shut open she wanted to move away from his grab but his strong arms won't let her

uniting her hair " Lord k.. " she wanted to stop him but once again he placed his finger on her lips " shhh sleep know you need to rest " running his fingers through her hair he used his power to make her sleep her breath became even her chest rise and fall in a slow movement the Lord continued moving his fingers through her pure diamond-like locks that is something that the Lord had been dreaming about for the past year bringing one lock of her hair close to his lips kissing it then kissing her forehead he stood up with Althea in his arms heading towards his room
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    《healing heart》