healing heart
31 Pure diamond like locks part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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31 Pure diamond like locks part two

the Lord put her on the bed removing her shoes he covered her body with a comforter sitting beside her on the bed looking at her beautiful face all these days he watching the sadness and the fear in her eyes she afraid of losing her mother to be left alone she was scared unsecured he wanted to hold in his arms and tell her that she is fine that he will never let her go but he didn't want to force her on anything he wanted to win her heart like she took his without doing nothing.

bringing her hand to his lips he kissed her softly trailing his nose along the inside of her hand and wrist he could smell her blood under her skin running in her veins her he wondered what it would be like testing her blood the Lord pushed these thoughts away from his mind he might kill her if he took her blood yes they say a vampire thirst can be only quenched by their loved one blood but that no entirely true if a vampire give in to his thirst they can end the life of their loved ones and the pureblood king was no different

the Lord eyes fall on the scar on her neck pushing her hair aside so he could have a better look he touched the scars with the tips of his fingers along her neck he unbutton the front of her dress revealing her shoulder and the upper half of her chest to see the rest of the scars under her dress touching them gently he felt like he was about to lose his temper he must find out who did this to her but only she can tell him lowering his head he kissed the scars on her shoulder neck and chest he buttoned her dress again the rest of the scars was on her lower body but he didn't want to see that places of her body unless she wanted too the Lord stood up leaving the room he wanted her to take all the rest that she needed

" this is everything do you need anything else before I leave " Takuma Ichijo spoke he was her to deliver the Senate letters to the Lord the Lord looked at the number of letters in front of him these greedy Senate members will never stop seeking power if they had the chance to kill him they will never hesitate

" no thank you Ichijo " the Lord replied looking around Takuma was wondering where is Althea she always here at this time of the day " Kaname. I don't see Althea around today " he asked

the Lord looked at his friend and answered " she is sleeping " the Lord paused from a second then he continued " in my room " at first Takuma thought that he didn't heard his friend right but judging by the look on the Lord face he wasn't mistaken about what he just heard he knew that his friend will never force her on anything but what she is doing in his room did that means that he drink her blood but there wasn't any smell of blood in the air looking at his friend relaxed face he did not have any doubt about him

thinking of that Takuma decided to test her good well he knew that the girl was harmless but maybe she isn't that good person as she appeared to be so putting her in a little test won't harm her but he was concerned about his friend that he won't approve it then he has to do it without him knowing about it.
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    《healing heart》