healing heart
32 Crossing lines
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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32 Crossing lines

blinking her eyes a few times Althea opened her eyes to find her self in a dark room touching her head the headache was gone and her body felt much better suddenly the memory of her sitting on the Lord lap played her self back in her mind she felt like whole her blood is rising to her face

and looking around she realised that she was in his room and to be exact in his bed and why was he hair let down getting off the bed she fixed it and heading out of the room be before she put her hand on the door handle someone opened the door looking at who it was she frozed not knowing what to do

" Good evening Althea you slept for the whole day " the Lord spoke as he looked at her

as if she was stoked by lightning she didn't utterance a single word she wasn't afraid she was just lost on how she should react feeling like she was about to explode she couldn't keep it in her anymore " Lord Kaname with all my respect I appreciate your kind actions but that was not acceptable using your powers on me. please my Lord I have enough problems in my life I'm beginning you to just leave me alone "

she was about to leave when she heard him speak" Careful with your tone Althea "

Not facing him she replied " If you didn't cross the line then I would be careful but of course as pure blood you think that you own everyone " Without waiting for him to say anything she left the room she went to her room and throw her self on the bed tears started to roll down from her eyes

Althea didn't know why she was crying maybe she took this too far the Lord didn't do anything to her he was kind to her what scared is why her she never saw him treat anyone like this and he never did something to her " could it be that the Lord no that can't be it " she mumbled to her self many thoughts crossed her head that night Althea stayed awake till morning came.


the Lord wasn't angry as Althea was thinking he was a bit surprised she was the first one to speak to him with that manner and come out alive she was not like any other this one could speak her mind freely without a second thought

now the Lord concern knows was about the pieces of information that he received her father Lord Hanadagi was planning to kill her now that she is working here he was thinking that she is a threat to him more than ever but what the Lord didn't discover yet is why he was thinking

like that the first thing the Lord needs to do is to protect her from him but his wolf alone is not enough the Lord has many allies that can perform the duty perfectly he has to just choose the right one for the task


far away from the mansion at Ichigo home he and his friends Akatsuki Kain and Hanabusa Aido were having dinner these two men are considered as the pureblood right hand along with Ichigo for today Ichigo gathered them for a very special reason after he went through all the details about Althea and who she is and how she came to work at the mansion and most importantly is that there Lord have an interest in her they went through every detail about her they agreed to not harm her only to know her true intention toward their Lord.


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