healing heart
33 Rather than avoiding the issue
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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33 Rather than avoiding the issue

the morning sunlight made his way through the curtains in to Althea room she didn't sleep at all last night looking at the time it was seven in the morning she was sitting on the bed hugging her knees to her chest today she had no intention to leave the bed or do anything all that she wants to be left alone

what happened yesterday between her and the Lord made her think about everything and most importantly is if only he mother made the right choice in her life then she wouldn't be in this situation she has enough problems and her life and to add someone who is so powerful and capable like the Lord

yesterday she thought about leaving the work here but where she could go she only moved here three years ago and she can't move again her mother is sick at this point Althea was lost scared unable to think right.


far away from the mansion at the Hanadagi mansion the blonde hair pureblood was sipping from his glass that filled with blood his eyes were looking at the young girl picture that was in his hand but no she was no longer that little child now she is a beautiful growing girl filled with haters towards him haters that planted inside her heart with his own hands

he saw her in the last winter she was unbelievably beautiful and the color of her hair that resembles the pure demand and now that he knows that she caught the vampire's king attention he could only think of one question is history repeating itself he could only watch to know the answer.


" should we kill her before she does anything, " Aido said.

the noble vampire could only roll his eyes at his friend stupidity " no. you can't do that I said we only want to know her real intentions do you understand do not do anything that could harm her " Takuma explained.

" so how are we going to do that, " Akatsuki asked

" that's why we are here to put a plan on how we are to do that " Takuma replied.


looking at the time the Lord noticed that it's evening time and Althea didn't show up today he could sense her presence at the mansion but she didn't come here today did he scared her with with his actions the Lord thought maybe he should have to took the things more slowly with her so he could approach her

he wanted her to open her heart to him but she was isolating her self from everyone and everything he must be patient with her at such young age she incurred a lot of things alone thinking about that making the Lord wanting to be very protective of her but he can't he has to give her time the

Lord had long ago surrendered to the idea that she owned his heart if only could Althea knew that she captured the vampire king heart without even knowing or doing anything thing.


after spending the whole day for herself Althea felt better though she stayed most of the day in her room after she asked the old lady for a day off saying that she not feeling good today Althea was sitting on the chair reading a book not able to focus on reading she closed the book and placed it on the table

she thought about the Lord and what is he doing now Althea shook her head from these thoughts why was she thinking about something like that but she has to thank him for taking care of her that day and she also want to speak to him about his behavior with her Althea thought that it's best to speak with him directly rather than avoiding the issue.


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