healing heart
34 Alarming Presence
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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34 Alarming Presence

the girl who was sleeping deeply on the bed didn't no notice the movement of the figure who sit beside her on the bed the Lord wanted to see her and that was his only way to see without scaring her moving the hair locks that was covering her face with his hand

he traced a line with his index finger from her long eyelashes nose left cheek to her lips touching them very lightly he wondered what would be like kissing her and what her lips taste would be like the Lord kissed her forehead and her cheeks in the dark room the moonlight that was coming from the window reflected on her face showing the beautiful features she looked relaxed and having a peaceful sleep

she changed her position and slept on her right said which caused her hair to cover her face again the Lord wanted to laugh at her sleeping behavior he removed her hair from her face once again and covered her body properly with the comforter before he left.


Takuma Akatsuki and Aido had come up with a plan that most of it phases was planned by Takuma the agreed to not harm her the first phase of the plan was to test her loyalty towards the Lord but Aido didn't like the whole plan but since he was now aware that the Lord cares for her his interest for knowing this mysterious girl Increased as for Akatsuki the only Important thing to him was protecting the Lord

the Lord never treated them as his servant but as his friends they valued this friendship and they are not going to hold back if someone dared to threaten their Lord as for Takuma he wasn't defense as his friends were he had a good feeling about this but some caution won't harm anyone he hoped that what worrying Takuma is her father the same question was repeating itself in his mind everyday what if her father managed to get to her before someone could save her and if something like that didn't happen will the vampire society approve this for a pureblood to take a human as his partner

he was very positive that the first one who would object is his grandfather Takuma decided to not think any further about this matter Kaname must have planned for everything as he always does and this time it's a matter of the heart so he would be very protective of it he trusted his friend and he and the other will be there when he needs their help.


Althea planned to speak with the Lord today but he was nowhere to be found the Lord had gone out of the mansion in early morning and he won't come back for another two days that's what the old lady told her she wanted to thank him after she told lady Chou everything happened the old lady told that she was not wrong but rather the manner she spoke with wasn't appropriate

after the old lady heard everything that Althea her faeries now was more than before she wasn't wrong with her conclusions from the beginning the Lord does care for Althea and it looks like have feelings for her and Althea did not notice that at all

this is the first time that the Lord has an interest in a female and after this long decade of his life it happened to be Althea this is all wrong the old lady thought she must do something before the situation be more complicated

the library door was open when Althea heard someone knock on the door turning around she saw a blonde young man standing at the entrance of the library his hair was shorter than the other vampire and his features looked more alarming.
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    《healing heart》