healing heart
35 Alarming Presence part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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35 Alarming Presence part two

" Can I help you sir " she had to ask him the man kept eyeing her like was eyeing examining her

" Yes please " he replied as walked closer to where she was standing " my name is Hanabusa Aido I'm looking for Lord Kaname " he extended his hand for her shake however she didn't take it and that made his curiosity grow more he withdrew his hand back to his side

" I'm sorry but the Lord isn't here today you can speak to Lady Chou if you need anything " of course he knew that the Lord wasn't here he only said that as an excuse

his lying effort didn't go in vain the girl was really beautiful and she didn't look stupid as he thought but rather very matured however it was still very early to make a judgment now that he's going to stay at the mansion for a period of time

Althea was very annoyed with this man how was standing in front of her " sir I have to go now I finished my work here " picking up the cleaning equipment she strolled out of the room

she is bold as Takuma said she recognized who he is but she didn't pay it any care she is a maid he had to make sure that she never forget her status she must be teached a lesson and a harsh one he will break that ego of hers

after she finished all her work Althea went to her room and didn't leave it for the whole day she finished knitting the wool scarf that she was knitting for her mother Althea was very good at knitting it's one of the things she love to do to clear her mind Lady Chou was the one who taught how to knit and she also taught her embroidery on canvas but Althea like knitting more she thinks it's more peaceful folding the scarf she placed it on the chair and went to the bed.


the next morning Althea didn't wake up early knowing that the Lord isn't here and she didn't have something to do she so kept on lying on bed having nothing to do until she heard a knock on the door getting off the bed she went to see who is knocking opening the door she saw one of the human maids standing at her door " Good morning Althea. Lord Aido is requesting for you to bring his breakfast to his room " the girl left after she informed her leaving at the door why was he asking for her to bring him his breakfast going back inside the room Althea freshened her self and changed clothes quickly.

she went to the kitchen and prepared the breakfast after that she went to the guests quarters she knocked on the door a few times but no one answered the tray that was in her hands was becoming heavy she knocked a few times more and after about five minutes she got her permission to enter walking inside the room she placed the tray on the table in front of him " Good morning sir " he wasn't a pureblood to call himself a Lord

Aido was sitting on the chair observing her very carefully and he noticed that she didn't say Lord bit sir never minding that know he will teach her how to see it later " Good morning Althea " he said as he started to eat his breakfast then he added " since you are the personal for Lord Kaname so I figured that you know how to serve the higher status vampires am I right Althea "

for some reason, she didn't like the way he said her name with she started to get annoyed with this man but she has to behave herself or she will lose her job " yes sir " she answered him " do you need anything else " she wanted to leave this room as soon as possible

" no you can go now " he dismissed her for now but he has other plans for her.


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