healing heart
36 Alarming Presence part three
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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36 Alarming Presence part three

after Althea left the room she went outside the mansion to the garden she needed to take a fresh air this man is getting on her nerve and how long she is going tolerate it, she doesn't know why he was treating her like this the words that he said that she was the Lord personal made her somehow uncomfortable she wasn't ashamed of working as made but people like this man who treats people who serve them like they are not a living

she sit on the garden chair looking at the beautiful view ahead of her made her feel a bit at ease looking at the flowers she thought about the Lord

the Lord has been away for a day and a half thinking about him made her remember his kind treatment towards her from the first day she met him he never acted arrogantly with her, in fact, he was very benignant with her she kind missed him for his good kindness not that conceited who was eating in his room

Althea was in deep thought she didn't notice that someone was coming towards her only after hearing someone speaking she looks at the other side " good morning Althea " Takuma greeted

lifting her head she saw a serious but gentle looking man smiling at her she stood up and greeted him " good morning sir "

Takuma smiled at her and said " may I sit with you "

" Of course " they both sit down together the chair that they were sitting on was shaded with a very huge try " you know " Takuma started a conversation " I sometimes envy the humans for being able to enjoy the sun warm light, " he said as he looked at the sky

Althea was confused she thought that vampires didn't like the sunlight it's the first time she hears a vampire say something like that " I thought vampires hated the sun " she replied to him

Takuma looked at her and said " we hate it because it can harm us and it can drain our energy " as he was speaking to he took the chance to look her carefully indeed she was very captivating as Kaname described her, then he added " but when we hear how the humans describing it makes us wonder what it would be like "

Althea smiled at his words it's good description she thought " It's a good explanation " she said as she still smiling and he nodded his head in agreement

" so tell me how do find the work here is it comfortably " he didn't want to make feel uncomfortable

Althea sighed remembering what happened this morning " it's good my work is at the Lord quarters and he is not a demanding person and he's very kind " as she spoke she didn't notice the longing tone that she spoke with about the Lord and Takuma didn't fail to catch it in between her words

" yes he is " he said " well Althea it was very speaking with you can consider me as your friend here if you need anything please don't hesitate to ask me okay " he stood up and extended his hand for her to shake and she took at " I will thank you " she replied to him

Althea watched him going inside the mansion speaking to him was very good somehow his aura is very relaxing she thought that her friend was right she needs to speak more with people rather than distancing her from everyone and everything

the Lord was aware of everything that Aido did that's why he sent Takuma to keep an eye on him he went go unpunished for what he did.
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    《healing heart》