healing heart
37 Alarming presence part four
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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37 Alarming presence part four

Takuma went inside the mansion and headed toward the guests quarters he walked inside Aido room without even knocking at the door " oh what bring you here Takuma " Aido sounded upset locking the door behind him Takuma took the chair that was across to Aido

" the question should be what you doing here Aido, " Takuma asked him back

the blue-eyed vampire kept quiet for some time looking at his friend " I'm doing what should be done " he answered

Takuma chuckled at his answer he didn't want to make this conversation long so he went straight to the point " Kaname knows that you are here and also he knows about the plan I told everything " he said everything in one sentence knowing how will Aido will react after hearing kanames name

" what why you told him " the look on Aido face was really priceless he was really angry however he didn't care he continued adding " He sent me to warn you., leave the girl alone Aido this isn't what we agreed to " if Kaname didn't inform him about it he wouldn't have know and the poor girl would be suffering from God only knows what he planned. after he spoke everything he has he stood up from his chair and left the room leaving behind a very angry and disappointed Aido thought he knew that he didn't mean any harm toward Kaname but that didn't justify harming the girl.

heading towards his room he saw Lady Chou " welcome Lord Takuma it's been a while since we last saw at the mansion " the old lady greeted him Takuma was her favorite after the Lord he was like her son

" thank you Lady Chou actually I'm staying for some time here " he informed her and the old lady looked very pleased hearing that

" then I will go to make the preparation since you and Aido are staying here. it's been a while since the mansion had a lot of people in it " the old lady said before she left

a big meal was prepared for the two noble vampires Althea helped the chief of the mansion on preparing the dessert dishes the dinner was served after that the sweet dishes were served Takuma was watching Aido as he ate the dessert if only he knows who prepared Takuma himself had to admit it the it was delicious Althea prepared a strawberry pie though it was a simple dish it tasted so good and it wasn't the first time he ate it from her the other time was with the Lord Takuma knew that the Lord wasn't much of an eater but Althea sweet dishes become the Lord favorites food

after the dinner was long finched the old lady came to check on the two vampires " I hope you enjoyed your meal " the old lady said

" very much lady Chou thank you " Takuma replied

" Oh don't thank me you should thank Althea for preparing the dessert for today " when the old lady finished speaking Takuma looked at his friend knowing exactly what the reaction on his face would be like

" you thank her on are behave lady Chou " Takuma spoke not taking his gaze away from his friend

seeing that Aido didn't speak at all she asked him " are you alright Aido "

however he didn't answer standing up from his sit he walked out of the dining room with an angry expressions on his face the old lady turned her head to Takuma after Aido left " oh don't worry about him lady Chou you know how he acts childishly sometimes " Takuma barley controlled himself to not laugh loudly.
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    《healing heart》