healing heart
38 Distracting part one
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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38 Distracting part one

At the end of the day Althea was very tired she spent most of the time at the kitchen but she had a good time the chef who is responsible for the cooked meals at the mansion was a very old vampire thought he shout at the workers all the time but he was a good man. surprisingly to her today she let go of herself and didn't give a second thought to anything she did sometimes it's good to act free and just be yourself Althea thought it reminds her of the times when she was a child she would act without thinking of the consequences.

after taking a good relaxing bath to wash away the smell of cooking she changed into a comfortable nightgown Althea wanted to lay down on the bed and read a book for some time but she fall asleep the moment her body touched the soft comfortable bed without even covering herself with the bed sheets.

it was almost four at the morning when a figure appeared in Althea room sitting carefully at the edge of the bed the Pureblood vampire was looking at the sleeping Althea touching the side of her face with the back of his hand softly he felt her warm breath touching his fingertips creating a moist she was sleeping very deeply watching her chest rise and fall in an evened motions she must be very tired the Lord thought. smelling the fresh scent of the soap mixed with the scent of the strawberries his eyes fall on her still wet hair

wrapping his hands around her body the Lord lifted her body off the bed talking the sheets from under her he placed her body carefully on the middle of the bed covering her small body. laying down beside her the Lord took her left hand in his big one looking at her small her hand is compared to his bringing it his lips he kissed her palm the smell of baking and strawberry is still on her skin he loves that smell on her she must have baked strawberry pie today he thought as he kissed her palm again the tingling feeling of his lips almost woken her he used his power to make sleep deeply again kissing the area close to her lips the Lord left.


the next day Althea was informed that Lord was back but he instructed that no one disturbs him until the evening well what the Lord meaning was that if Althea was around him he will be distracted by her and the poor Althea is unaware of whole that.

at the evening Althea carried the tray of the dinner to the Lord will at was past the evening hours but the Lord was having a meeting from the early morning after everyone left lady Chou told her to take the food to him now finding the door to the library open and the Lord was laying hi back at the chair and his eyes are closed he looked exhausted and worn out he looked like he was sleeping but she knew that he wasn't

" good evening Althea " came his voice with his closed eyes

putting the tray on the table she greeted him back " good evening my Lord. I brought your dinner "

" thank you, Althea, you can go to sleep now I don't need anything " it's best that she doesn't stay around him now his thirst was above the normal today he didn't drink his blood tablets for days now, of course, he won't lose his control and bite her

" Good night than " wishing him a good night she left.


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