healing heart
40 Distracting part four
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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40 Distracting part four

when lady Chou opened the door to Althea room she heard crashing sound coming from the bathroom room knocking on the door a couple of times she didn't answer " Althea are you alright " she called her but she didn't answer either seeing there was no choice the old lady opened the door to the bathroom room

the sight that the old lady saw scared her pieces of glass was shattered everywhere on the floor and Althea was sitting on the floor her body was trembling she couldn't see her face rushing to her side the old lady called her in a worried tone " Althea Althea are you alright " the only answer the old lady had from her was Althea crying voice got louder she threw herself in the old lady embrace and the old lady hugged her tightly " what's wrong Althea? " the old lady asked her in a gentle tone patting her head in order to comfort her but Althea didn't say anything just continued on crying the old lady didn't speak anymore she let her cry in her arms this wasn't the first time the old lady found her like this happened before but no matter how she asked her what is wrong with her silent is what follows the question

something happened four years ago the old lady was sure of it but what is it she didn't know. when she asked her about the scars on her body she told her that it was an accident that happened after that Althea asked the old lady to not ask her again about it. fearing that she might catch a cold the old lady helped Althea to stand on her feet getting her out of the bathroom she made her sit on the bed walking to the closet she brought to her clothes to wear after helping her with her clothes she dried her hair

a single tear fall on the old lady hand when she was fixing her clothes the old lady sit beside her and took Althea hand in hers giving it a firm squeeze Althea looked at the old lady as if she asking for help silently it broke the old lady heart to see her like this " Althea my dear please tell what is wrong with you I promise you I will not tell your mother anything if that what is scaring you " the old lady spoke as she wiped her tears Althea looked hesitated for a moment afraid " I promise " the old lady assured her holding her the old lady hand tightly she nodded her head


" come in " the old lady heard the Lord's voice she opened the door and went inside the library

" Good morning Lord Kaname, " the old lady said

" Good morning lady Chou. is there something wrong? " the knew she wasn't here for no reason

" yes I'm here to tell that Althea is a little sick today so I told her to rest for the day. I will send one of the maids in her place " the old lady noticed how the Lord stopped what he was doing after hearing Althea name but he didn't say anything the old lady too didn't speak further and left

placing the the book on the table the Lord leaning back at his chair the Lord was in deep thought she was fine last night but then again she is human a fragile being anything could end her life easily that thought made the Lord anxious and he hardly ever felt this way only her make him like this the Lord suspect that there is something else that old lady didn't tell he noticed the redness in her eyes it was clear that she was crying something seemed wrong.


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