healing heart
41 Dark sky full of star“s
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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41 Dark sky full of star“s

lady Chou went back to the kitchen to check on work there everything looked good nothing out of the ordinary. she was tired today events was very tiring after listening to Althea was hiding all these years suffering alone all this time she didn't know but how she can blame her how could someone speak about something like this if her mother would have known it will break her heart.

Althea used to have a breathtaking smile suddenly that smile become rarely seen after she listened to everything that happened with her the old lady couldn't control her emotions tears were coming unwillingly from her eyes she watched the young girl speak with sense of shame on her words she was broken unable to trust herself anymore the old lady could see that the only thing that keeping this young girl alive is her mother. suddenly the old lady felt unusual fear what would happen to this girl if her mother died for the first time in her life the old lady was afraid the future ahead of them.


one of the maids was delivering the breakfast to Takuma room it was odd he got used to Althea on doing that maybe she was busy with her work Takuma impression about her that she was a very good girl the other day he spoke with her about reading books he was surprised how she had read a lot of books she was very intellectual person for her young age he thought.

as he was eating someone knocked on the door then enter without waiting for permission that can only be Aido

"you are up early Aido " Takuma spoke it very surprising to see him at this time of the morning

" yes I have something to do " Aido replied then he said " I heard that Althea is sick today "

Takuma looked at his friend and asked him " does Kaname knows " Aido nodded his head which made Takuma thinking that's weird he saw her coming out of the library yesterday she looked fine he mumbled to himself


in a house outside the town

" Jun did you see Althea these days, " the girl mother asked

" no I haven't " Jun replied

Jun was Althea school mate they used to study together at the same school when they were younger Jun continued her education and become a doctor but even after Althea left the school her and Althea always kept visiting each other Jun and Althea are very close friends Jun parents have always considered Althea as there second daughter Jun was the first person Althea went for to ask for help after that night Althea stayed in there house for about seven months they were very good to her whenever Althea have the time she always come and visit them.

Jun thought about her mother words she was right she didn't see Althea for a long time now she decided to visit her next week she has a lot of things to tell her about it and many new books for her to read.


it was evening time the Lord didn't go out from mansion or the library Takuma was the only one who entered the library other then lady Chou the Lord was sitting lazily on his chair sipping from his blood drink even the Chessboard that was laying in front of him he didn't seem interested in this evening getting up from his sit he went to the window opening it he was welcomed with the soothing summer evening wind taking a deep breath the Lord closed his eyes trying to calm himself opening his eyes he looked at the dark sky that was full of star's.


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