healing heart
42 Dark sky full of star“s part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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42 Dark sky full of star“s part two

when Althea opened her eyes it was night already after she spent a long time sleeping she feel a lot better now getting up she sit on the bed stretching her body she yawned looking at the window she get of the bed one she stood up on her feet a wave of dizziness hit her made her almost lose her balance taking the glass of water that was on the table she drink it all she was hungry she didn't eat anything today she went to the bathroom room to wash her face after washing her face she changed her clothe and went to kitchen to eat something

Althea didn't find anyone in the kitchen so she prepared her meal and eat it alone she was very hungry she finched everything she prepared after eating her meal she cleaned after herself having nothing to do and now wanting to go to bed she went outside to the garden walking around she found that the sight was quite dazzling here at night the moonlight was reflecting its light on the flowers and on the grass lowering herself she touched the flowers with the tips of her fingers and looking at how beautiful the flowers are in their various colors Althea noticed that it was rather late to be outside here at this hour as she was walking inside she noticed that the lights at the library are still on and the windows are open the Lord must be awake she thought to herself and went back to her room

when she went back to the mansion she found Takuma standing on the stairs " good evening sir. do you need anything " she asked him

" Oh good evening Althea. may I please ask you to make two cups of tea and take them to the library " he asked her with a very polite manner which made her smile and nodded her head

" yes, you may. I will go right now " how can anyone refuse him with that sweet smile Althea thought as she went to the kitchen

" thank you " she heard him say

after preparing the tea she put the two cups in a try and went upstairs toward the library she knocked on the door twice then went inside she saw the Lord sitting on the sofa reading a book he with his legs crossed one above the other he looked elegant " good evening Lord Kaname " she greeted him as she put the try one the table

closing the book the Lord replied " good evening Althea "taking the cup of tea he spoke " I heard that you were sick today. are alright? " the Lord asked then took a sip from his tea for some reason this cup of tea tasted so good than usual to the Lord, after all, it was made by his dear girl

" yes. but I'm better now thank you for your concern " as she spoke her eyes fall on the lord shirt the first two buttons were open revealing the upper half of his upper chest it's here the first time to see him like this

" that's good to hear " she heard him say " please sit Althea I have something I want to speak with you about something " he pointed at the empty space of the sofa

blinking her eyes a few times did she didn't hear him right she thought to herself " I'm fine here my Lord " she said wanting him to say what had

" Althea sit " well this time she was sure. she sit there obediently not wanting to argue with him

still holding the teacup in his hand the Lord spoke " Takuma told me that you like reading books and I have noticed before that were interested in the books here " he pointed at the books shelf " If you wanted to read them you can come here anytime you want "

" may I ask you a question my Lord " she spoke looking at his eyes

" go ahead " the Lord replied

" does everyone here allowed to touch them like you just told me to " she spoke still not looking away from his eyes


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