healing heart
43 The only light in her life
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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43 The only light in her life

when the Lord heard her question his thin lips formed into a rarely seen smile which made Althea's heart skip a beat why is smiling as far as she knows she didn't say anything funny still smiling the Lord intense gaze was on her never planning to look away it seems.

when she was about to say something she heard the Lord spoke

" no. I don't " he answered her honestly. but the words that he's about to say will be unexpected " but I trust you "

Althea laughed slightly and looked at him in astonishment " trust me. well, forgive my human mind but trust is something cannot be given to anyone. and you hardly know me " she couldn't help but say what was in her mind

" good night my Lord " not waiting for his reply she left and went to her room

ones again she didn't fail to amuse the Lord with her attitude the Lord sit there with his legs crossed smiling not wanting this night to end she is indeed a very special girl to say these words so bravely as she did without thinking twice. she didn't give any thought to who was in front of her she is a very extraordinary person the Lord thought and to own her heart as she did to him it wouldn't be easy.


the days went by and the ended to bring the Autumn could nights for the past two months Althea made sure to make her distant from the Lord only talking to him if it was necessary she still don't have any idea about the Lord feelings towards her in that period the Lord too didn't push her he let her have her time. Althea knew that the Lord wasn't a bad person as she first thought but it's best like this. she knew that the Lord was sympathizing with her because he knew who she was and she is very thankful for him. whenever she would ask to visit her mother he would allow her to go and these days her mother health wasn't good either in the last a few days Althea hardly ate anything which caused her to lose weight the old lady would try to push her to eat but it goes in vain making the old lady very worried about her.

today the old lady asked her to not go seeing the that she will go and check on her mother she asked her to take some rest but that only worsened Althea condition her friend Hana was with her in her room trying to make her stop crying Althea was very afraid she knew if she lost her mother she can't survive without her. her mother was the only light in her life and losing her will the end of that light.

the doctor informed lady Chou about Althea mother real conditions telling her that he couldn't be honest with her the girl was on edge of abyss her mother conditions could stabilize but it will not improve and these relapses will happen again. the old lady was very sad but she knew that humans can get sick very easily and hardly cured. Althea mother was suffering from illness after she gives birth to Althea. carrying a child from a Pureblood effected her health and the reason that Althea was born as human was because she came very early a Pureblood child supposed to stay in the mother womb four years in order to develop into a Pureblood vampire but Althea was born after only one year because her mother was human and the human body cannot bear that long period and Athens was born in the human form.


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