healing heart
44 The only light in her life part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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44 The only light in her life part two

after the doctor left lady Chou went to Althea mother room taking the chair she sat near the bed Althea mother Kaia open her to find her old time friend sitting beside her holding her hand

"what did the doctor said " her voice was weak as she spoke

never in there life's Kaia and Chou lied to each other their friendship started before even Althea was born. holding her hand tightly Chou spoke " it's not good "

tears rolled from her eyes landing on the pillow " I fear that Althea cannot take it " Chou heard her speak then she continued "I wasn't a good mother to her yet she grow up to be wonderful girl I knew from the moment I held her in my arms that she will be a special " more tears rolled down from her eyes

Chou didn't Interrupt her she listened to her carefully wiping her own tears " all I want for her is to be happy I want her to have a family of her own. live a happy life "

" listen, Chou, I know that you consider Althea as your own daughter didn't tell her about my condition it will change nothing even if she knows " she didn't want to worry her daughter anymore noticing how she was in the last a few days

" I will not " Chou replied l. she stayed beside her until she fall asleep looking at her for the last time she left the room and before she left the house she made sure tell the nurse to not tell Althea anything even if she asked her


when the old lady was back to the mansion she found Althea waiting for her she assured her that her mother is fine and tomorrow they will go together to visit her after spending some time trying to comfort her the young girl finally closed her eyes surrendered her self to sleep.

the old lady went to the library to speak with the Lord after she told about Althea mother conditions and she asked her to not tell Althea about it she told him about how Althea is effected with what's happening with her mother she asked him to be patient with her these days knowing that she doesn't need to tell him.

the Lord stood in front of the window thinking about what the old lady told him he was considered about Althea this morning he heard her coughing after she left the library she was not taking good care of her health she lost a lot of weight if she continued like this she will get sick


Althea was sleeping deeply sitting carefully beside her the Lord looked at her tired face the tears stain on her face were long dried she slept while she was crying his heart itched seeing her like this. the old lady told him that she was afraid to lose her mother then she will be left alone he wanted to tell that she wasn't that he was beside her protecting her that she will never be alone

the Lord untied her hair for her to sleep comfortably and running his fingers through her hair the Lord kissed her forehead the Lord was laying down beside her when she subconsciously turned around her face was close to his her small hand warped itself subconsciously around him she mistook him thinking that she was hugging her pillow

the Lord wasn't bothered by her, in fact, he held her body closer to him kissing her face every now and then not wanting to let her go. her whole body was pressed against his her sweet scent was all over him. licking her lips she seemed to have felt thirsty in her sleep the Lord's eyes moved to her lips lowering his head he peaked her lips

her lips were so soft the Lord controlled himself to not kiss her passionately on her soft lips. touching her lower lip with his thumb one day he will kiss those lips with her own will.
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    《healing heart》