healing heart
45 Threa
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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45 Threa

by the time Althea wake up it was afternoon it was shocking to her she never slept until this time in her life getting up from the bed padding her legs towards the window placing her hands on glass looking at the view outside

today she will leave the mansion to stay with her mother lady Chou assured her that she can stay with her mother until she gets better.

after washing up she packed her clothes lady Chou asked her if she wants to eat but she declined saying that she doesn't have an appetite for food

at the sunset, Althea and the old lady left the mansion heading towards her house. on the Althea was quite the old lady was very understanding of her. Althea was like this whenever her mother conditions get bad

when they reached Althea house her mother was already asleep the old lady too didn't stay much now that Althea is not at the mansion the old lady have to take care of the Lord herself wishing her good night the old lady left

.Althea want to her room and unpacked her clothes she tried to sleep early but she end up tossing in bed without sleeping

she went to her mother room checking on her she found her still sleeping. funding nothing to do she went to the kitchen and started baking pies she wanted to surprise her mother who she wakes up in the morning.


at the mansion

Takuma was with the Lord going through the Senate letters. the Lord was silent the whole time Takuma was aware that Althea left the mansion today. the Lord was the one who told lady Chou to that

he saw that it's the best thing to do for now after seeing Althea statue in the past days he allowed her to stay as much as she to. knowing that it will only saddening him.

Takuma Aido and Akatsuki had dinner with the Lord he was expecting some bad news tonight so he gathered them. his waiting for that person to prove his suspicions

out of the blue Seiren appeared by the Lord's side reporting to him " my Lord he send his man to find her. he ordered them not kill her " she bowed to him before disappears

the Lord was in deep thought before he spoke " Akatsuki I need you to take care of this "

for this mission the Lord chose to send Akatsuki as for the other two he has another mission for them. the noble vampire left to do his mission.

by the next morning, all the man that Althea's father sent them were all killed some humans were among them.

the Hanadagi Lord will eventually discover that the vampire king was behind that he had his doubts after he heard that the Lord has feelings for his daughter Althea but after this, it will be confirmed. but could the Lord be always able to save her?


it's been ten days since Althea left the mansion her mother health is slowly improving but it's getting better. Althea was more than thankful for the Lord for letting her stay with her mother for this long time.

Althea was sitting beside the wolf in the woods she can't bring him to the house with her as because of the nurse who is taking care of her mother so when her mother is sleeping she goes to see him and bring some food with her

the wolf was resting his head on her lap as she was stroking his head gently he seemed to like it so he moved his upper body more in her lap which made Althea laugh at him she kissed his head " you are behaving as baby " the seemed to not like her comment so made sound like he wasn't agreeing to her words.


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