healing heart
46 Powerless
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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46 Powerless

When Althea got back to her house she noticed that something was wrong the door was slightly open and all the lights were on she ruched her steps towards the house when she went inside the nurse came to her running when she saw her

" Althea where have you been. your mother condition got relapse so I had to contact the doctor he is with her now " she told her

Althea couldn't believe what she just heard she was fine when she left her. the doctor came out from the room once she looked at him Althea knew that it's bad news

" I'm very sorry Althea but she is in a dangerous situation. I need you to go and buy this medicine " the doctor told her

Althea wasted no time she rushed to the first pharmacy to buy the medicine

" Althea I'm sorry I can't give it to you without paying you already have much behind payment " pharmacist told her

" I promise you that I will pay everything you owe me but my mother is sick she needs it " she begged him

" I'm very sorry Althea " that was his reply

Althea came out from the pharmacy not knowing what to do she doesn't have the money to buy the medicine for her mother for the first time she that failed her mother she felt powerless, spiritless tears rolled down on her cheeks she didn't even care to wipe them


the Lord lifted his head looking at the door he sensed a familiar scent and a ruched footsteps

the other noticed the sudden change in the Lord face expressions Takuma was the first to ask

" what's wrong Kaname, " Takuma asked as he finched his sentence the doors flew open

the Lord was the first to stand from his seat. Althea went inside the library without knocking. the Lord felt her presence the moment she stepped inside the mansion

Althea came running to the Lord her face color was very pale " please h. help me " holding the Lord's hands pleaded him. she was panting very hard she looked like she came all the way to here running.

" what's wrong Althea " the Lord held her arms tightly afraid that she will collapse at any second

opening her hand she showed him a paper " my mother she is very sick and I.. I don't have the.. " she looked down unable to finch her words she couldn't say that she needed money

" Please my Lord help me " she was about to kneel for him to help her but the Lord held her preventing her from doing it

the Lord understand what's happening he took the paper from her hand

he took her in his arms kissing the top of her head spoke to her " it's okay Althea everything is going to be fine "

his warm embrace and his gentle voice broke the last bit of herself control unable to hold it she sobbed in the Lord's arms somehow she felt safe in his arms

hugging her tightly the Lord stroked her back in a calming manner he held her with one arm and handed the paper to Takuma with the other " bring this and everything else that she needs " the Lord ordered

hearing this Althea lifted her head from the chest eyes still red from crying " thank you think you so much "

the Lord held her face with his hands kissing her tears away making her close her eyes at his intimate gesture " go with Takuma. don't hesitate to ask him for anything you need alright. I will see you after your mother gets better " the Lord escorted her to the mansion gates


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