healing heart
47 Powerless part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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47 Powerless part two

when she went inside the library Aido and Akatsuki thought that she will get reprimanded and punished however what happened was completely the opposite the Lord himself stood from his seat when she came in

the way she held his hand and how he was gentle with her this is not an ordinary servant and a Lord relationship Aido thought

among the three people who were presences in the room Aido was the most shocked between them as for Takuma he wasn't surprised at all he understood everything when he heard her what she said she was in need for help nothing more

maybe the Lord was a bit exaggerated with his affection towards her but when he saw her like this crying and beginning him for help. she looked like the whole world had abandoned her he couldn't help but to take her in his arms

when he escorted her outside the Lord wanted to go with her but with his status as the vampire's king he couldn't

he entrusted her to go with Takuma knowing how trustworthy he is


Takuma and Althea were sitting at Althea's living room they were waiting for the doctor to come out and tell them about her mother conditions

from where he was sitting Takuma could see how Althea's hand were trampling the poor girl looked very afraid her eyes were on the door whole time

tears were fallen from her eyes without any sound coming from her. he wanted to say something to comfort her but he thought its best to not say anything at this time because nothing will comfort her right now

after about hour and a half the doctor came out from the room when she saw him Althea immediately went to him asking " Is she alright now "

" yes she is alright now she needs to rest don't worry Althea she gonna be fine " he assured her

" you need to rest too. I will come and visit her tomorrow morning " the doctor said

after Althea escorted him to the door she went back to the living room

" Master Takuma I'm really very thankful for your help I don't know how I will repay " she thanked him

" it's really nothing. I will go now try to get some rest " he stood up from his seat to leave

" please at least let me bring you something to drink. I won't take long " she went to the kitchen not giving him the chance to argue

after drinking the tea Takuma left assuring her that he will visit them again tomorrow evening

before she goes to sleep she went to her mother room to check on her looking at the time Althea saw it was two in the morning she went to the kitchen to clean it before she sleeps

Althea was having a hard time to keep her eyes open in the past a few days she pushed herself to the limit forgotten that she was human her body can't take all that pressure

unable to keep her eyes open suddenly everything around he went pitch black. a sound of glass breaking was heard from the kitchen the nurse came running to check what's happening she saw unconscious Althea was lying on the ground

the nurse rushed to her side checking her pulse it was very slow and her fever was a bit high she was fine but her body collapsed from exhaustion

helping her to get to her room she put her on the bed she give her medicine for her fever making sure that she swallowed it she placed her head on the pillow and covered her with the comforter.

she took the chair to stay beside her until her fever is gone


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