healing heart
48 Powerless part four
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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48 Powerless part four

when Takuma got back to the mansion the Lord was waiting for him. Takuma told everything that happened from the moment they left the mans

" How is she now, "the Lord asked

" she is fine. she needs time to get over her fears" Takuma answered him. he was silent for a moment then he spoke again " I don't how she will react when that moment comes. I spoke with the doctor and he said that even if her mother conditions are stable for now it won't always be "

the Lord didn't say anything he kept silent thinking about what his friend told him this isn't new information to him lady Chou had also told him that. the only thing he could do for her when that moment comes is to be by her side.

after the long talk between the two friends Takuma left to get some rest but the Lord didn't leave his study

that night the Lord couldn't go to sleep. the uneasy feeling in his heart grow even more after tonight events

he couldn't stop thinking about what if she didn't come here, what if he didn't meet her, what would have happened to her if she didn't come to him for help

the dark thoughts that crossed his mind made his old heart feel afraid a feeling that he forgot the meaning of it for ages

at this very moment, he wanted to be by her side, to take in his arms make her forget everything that she went through. he wanted to heal her heart as she healed him.

the Lord remembered something that lady Chou had told him about her before that Althea used a good violinist she loved to play on the violin since she was a little child but she stopped when her mother got sick. he would love to hear her play on it

he had ordered to make a special one for her a special design only for her. he will give it to her when the time is right.

a knock on the door interrupted the Lord thoughts " Come in "

upon hearing his reply the old lady opened the door and went inside " you asked for me Lord Kaname " the Lord had sent after her

" yes I want you to go and visit Althea tomorrow " he went to his desk drawer taking out an envelope and handed it to the old lady " I want you to give her this but don't tell that it's from me "

if he would give her the money himself it will make her feel insulted so it's best that she thinks that it's from lady Chou

" don't worry my Lord Kaname " the old lady seemed to understand the situation

the Lord intentions were good. she wanted to speak with him about Althea and his feelings for her but she saw that it wasn't a good time. but she will when everything settle down

" then I will go now if that's everything. good night " taking the envelope she left.


at Althea home

today Althea friend visited her after she heard about the mother sickness she reached to visit her friend after all Althea and June are more than friends the treated each other like sisters.

after she visited her mother Jun took Althea for a walk outside the house

" so tell me how are you dealing with all of this "Jun asked her

Althea took a deep breath before she started to talk " I really don't know sometimes I feel like I'm controlling everything but what happened yesterday made feel like I was lying to myself. I'm trying hard but I feel like is everything is slipping through my hands. " she was keeping everything inside her for too long now afraid that if she said anything she will hurt her mother

Jun listened to her carefully she knew Althea could only speak freely like this to her.

Jun was the one who helped Althea to get back on her feet after what happened with her. she understood her the most like no other.


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