healing heart
49 Sudden realization
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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49 Sudden realization

" I'm here for you Althea, " June told her " however I'm very sad that you didn't tell. If I didn't know from my mother I would have no idea what's happening with your mother. I don't know you anymore "

Jun was very upset that she was the last one to know she wanted to help her friend

" I'm very sorry everything happened so fast to the point that I stopped thinking right " Althea was very disappointed with herself how come she didn't call Jun in the first place

looking at her friend she seemed honest so she believed her

" Alright, I believe you. but how did you managed to get the money " Jun asked

that question made Althea remember when the Lord kissed her on her cheeks affectionately she had forgotten about that and recalling the memory know made her feel very embarrassed

Jun noticed the changes in her friend behavior after she asked her and her face suddenly become red

" what is wrong with?. your face is so red " Jun asked while examining her face carefully

Althea cleared her throat before she speaks

" I'm completely fine " she assured her before she continues " I went to the Lord do not judge I was very depressed at that moment "

Jun blinked a few times before she could speak " do you mean Lord Kaname " she couldn't believe it

nodding her head Althea replied " yes. and I'm very thankful to him "

Jun didn't judge her friend she didn't have other choices at that time

" I won't judge you. you know that " without a warning, Jun slapped Althea's arm " but I have a question. is he really looks like a god " standing close to her face Althea had to push her away so she could talk

" I haven't seen a god before " she mocked her friend " but yes he has a beautiful face " Althea answered imagining the Lord's face

she has seen him enough times to memorize his face

" Hmm. a beautiful hah. well well it's the first time I hear you say that about any man " Jun teased her friend then asked " oh don't tell me that you like him "

" what nonsense is that. I only work for him Jun stop imagining things " walking away Althea didn't pay her any further attention

" wait, Althea, I was just joking with " Jun went running behind her " wait for me Althea "

Althea continued walking like she didn't hear anything

Jun left after she had dinner with Althea and helped her to clean the kitchen she asked Althea to come and visit her at the new clinic that she opened. Althea told her that once she has the time she will visit her

laying in the bed Althea was thinking about the Lord behavior with her the question that Jun asked her made her think about everything

she noticed that the Lord is too gentle with her how she didn't saw this he treats her with a different way from the other servants at the mansion she thought

why is he doing that?.

is it out of sympathy or because of something else does he have feelings for me!

the sudden realization made her jerk sitting on the bed " that's the reason behind his gentle behavior with me " she spoke to herself

she faced slapping herself a couple of times before for she speaks to herself again " how come I don't noticed that "

rubbing her face with her hand " I most do something about this. this can not continue " she thought in her head

running her hand through her long hair she puffed her cheeks before she lay down to sleep unable to stop thinking she put the pillow on her head hoping it will help her to sleep.

the next day was no different for Althea as a result of not having enough sleeping she woke up with a very bad mood.


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