healing heart
50 Charming smiling
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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50 Charming smiling

today Althea is going back to the mansion after two weeks. now that everything has settled down now that her mother health is better she can go back

Hana and lady Chou were the first two welcome her. upon seeing her Hana was very happy and of course, she started to tell her about everything that happened when she was away. indeed she loves gossip Althea thought in her mind

since she arrived on the early morning she wasted no time she went to the kitchen preparing the Lord breakfast meal

taking the food tray she headed upstairs towards the Lord bedroom knocking on the door a few times she pushed the doors open

not making eyes contact with him she greeted him after she placed the tray on the table " good morning Lord Kaname "

well, Althea still didn't overcome the kissing incident. no matter how she tried to forget it she just couldn't.

the Lord was observing her action carefully. her face was so red and her heart was beating like a hummingbird. he kinda found her more adorable this way

" good morning Althea. welcome back " came his deep. resting his back on the chair and crossing his legs elegantly

" thank you, my Lord. and I'm really grateful for your help.i.. " the Lord's voice interrupted her

" please Althea don't think me, " the Lord said

making his way towards her he stood in front of her " it was nothing "

taking her left hand in his the Lord continued " I don't want you to feel uncomfortable because of that alright. and don't hesitate to ask me for anything I'm the future "

giving her hand aa light squeeze he let go of it

Althea was moved by his actions she felt complete gratitude towards him his words made her somehow feel safe

her lips unwillingly formed into a beautiful smile " I will my Lord. thank you. then I will leave now " closing the door behind her she went to the library to clean it

Althea didn't notice the change in the Lord's eyes when he saw her smiling to him. it was the first time he sees her smiling

she had a charming smiling. it made the Lord's heart skip its beat.

she looked very pure when she was smiling. her blue like ocean eyes can make any man fall for her just by looking at her eyes

the lord had an uneasy feeling in his chest like was suffocating. just one smile from her made him feel that way. if she only knew that she had that effect on him


by the time Althea was done with cleaning the library, it was dinner time. she was really tried cleaning for that long time it made her really hungry. she dragged her tired body to the kitchen.

Althea almost choked on her food Hana didn't stop telling jokes the whole time making Althea and everyone having a hard time with eating their dinner because they couldn't stop laughing

the old lady was very glad to see Althea laughing again

she had spoken with the Lord about Althea and that she noticed that he is giving her a special treatment

and what the Lord said was quite shocking to her

he admitted to her that he has feelings for her and if it was up to him he would marry her without any further delay.

but knowing that she doesn't any feelings for him he wants to be patient with her make her fall for him. and that he doesn't want to force her. that he will wait for her to decide
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    《healing heart》